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Monday, March 2, 2015

#Review - Commute With François et Mimi Travel Mugs

As a contractor, my husband travels far and near from home for his work.  I like to send him off to work with a steaming mug of tea or two for his long work day.  He likes to drink it when he leaves, and saves another for his lunch.  My husband needs a good travel mug or two - that won't spill or even leak - that has a vacuum seal and double walled to keep his tea hot for several hours.

Here's exactly what he needed - a pair of François et Mimi 16 oz, BPA-free double walled vacuum insulated travel mugs.   I should have known that François et Mimi would have the perfect travel mugs for my dear sweet hubby.  They have such an excellent selection of other items.

These travel mugs are tapered to fit perfectly in the cup holder of your car or, as in my husband's case, your truck.  The sleek design is very striking, and my husband says their 'cool'.  And they are!  Even with piping hot tea or coffee inside, they are very cool to the touch.  The double wall insulation keeps your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate nice and hot on the inside for around four hours.  That's the time from when my husband leaves for work until his lunch break.  He said that his tea (or in some cases, hot chocolate) was still warm enough to be considered hot.

On the inside and the outside of the travel mugs is pure 18/8 stainless steel.  The plastic at the top and the lid is all BPA-free.  The lid has a stopper that is totally totally leak proof.  I have taken these François et Mimi travel mugs filled with hot tea and shaken them vigorously upside down to see if they will leak.  The stopper stayed in and there was absolutely no leakage.

The stopper on the lids click back and stay back when you are drinking from them.

The lids screw into place on the François et Mimi travel mugs.  You can put them on in positions that are comfortable for a right handed person or for a lefty (like me!).  The handles are super comfortable.  There are some indentations on the inside of the stainless steel handles to help you hold onto to the mugs.

Most of the homes that my husband travels to are just like our home - on a dirt road.  These roads are bumpy to all heck.  My husband needed some travel mugs that can take this bumping around - leak proof.  Being cool to the touch,m keeping his hot drink hot for some hours, stainless steel, BPA-free is perfect for his commute.  These mugs would be perfect for yours, too!

The François et Mimi 16 oz stainless steel insulated travel mugs are sold in a pair.  I know these mugs would be just perfect for yourself - or - being a pair, these mugs would make a great wedding or anniversary gift.  What's better is a great price - BUY Today At Amazon for only $19.95 for the pair.

This set of two 16oz BPA-Free double-wall travel mugs is just one of the great items that I have been recently reviewing that are made by François et Mimi.  I find all of their products to be of exceptional quality while being at an excellent low price.  Check out François et Mimi at Amazon, and see all of their kitchen and dining items.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

#Review - Soft and Detangling Hair Brushes From Hair Symphony That Comes With a Bonus Cosmetic Bag

My daughters and I all have long wavy hair.  While my daughters' hair has nice thick strands from their Greek heritage, I, even though I have a lot of hair, inherited thin strands that can easily break.  Because I can't find too many brushes that won't break off the ends of my hair, I usually just use a comb - until I got this set of brushes from Hair Symphony to review.

These are the gentlest brushes that I have ever used.  Neither of these brushes will grip my hair and tear it to shreds.  These brushes just glide through my hair with easy.  My hair has been looking oh so nice by using these two great brushes that have been designed for professional salons.

The pink detangling brush can be used it on both dry or wet hair as it's no problem for this styling brush.  It will safely remove knots or tangles with its flexible and carefully alligned pins that easily glide through any type of hair.  Kids will love it as they will not have to bear the pains of a comb pulling on their hair and damaging it.  In order to detangle your hair, just brush you hair, wet or dry, in the direction of it's natural flow.  If you find that you have a more difficult tangle, you can brush your hair in a more diagonally or sideways motion.  In any case, make sure you do it softly and with patience.  Any kind of exertion or tugging hard on a tangle can still damage your hair, and there is not need to press the brush hard into the scalp.

The styling brush is a great comfort to the scalp thanks to the cushion that allows the nylon pins to glide through the natural flow of your hair.  To use, just grip the handles, and use the bristled side to brush your hair in the direction of your natural hair flow.  The soft bristles are designed to go smoothly through your hair.

Does your current brush give static to your hair?  Both of these brushes from Hair Symphony will not give any static to your hair.  Once our air dries out here in the desert, static electricity abounds.  For some reason I am prone to getting shocked and my hair freaking out due to static electricity.  We did have a dry spell last week where it seemed everything was shocking me, but my hair seemed immune to the static now that I have been using the Hair Symphony brushes.

Along with the brushes comes a cosmetic bag to store them in.  It keeps them clean and free of dust while they are being stored.

The Hair Symphony Soft and Detangling Brushes are working so well for me.  My hair feels and looks great!  Hair Symphony wants to make your hair feel just as special as mine does.  They created an Exclusive Offer on this brush set that you won't want to miss out on.