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Friday, April 27, 2018

Organizing Is Easier With the Post-it Message Board - Review

Disclosure: I received the following item at no cost in return for an honest review.
Post-it Message Board Review

My youngest daughter now on her own can be a bit forgetful when she needs to get things done or what she needs from the store. With many thanks to, I do have the perfect organization tool - the Post-it Message Board.

My daughter is a trucker that works hard 12 to 14 hours a day. When she gets home at night, all she wants to do is grab something quick to eat and go to bed. With working those long days, sometimes she forgets what she has to buy at the store or doctor's appointments. Her organization was writing notes to herself and leaving them on the kitchen table to accumulate in a pile. No more is this something that mom needs to worry about now that my daughter has the Post-it Message Board in her home.

This message board is perfect for her. It has both a dry-erase board and a Post-it sticky surface for putting up appointment cards or photos. It's that sticky surface board that is really fascinating! No more do you need to use tacks - just press on your notes and they stay on. It's great. My daughter now has her doctor's appointments, a sweet photo of her nieces and nephew, and a jury duty notice on that board. All organized sublimely.

As for her shopping list, the dry-erase board is doing its job for her. She just writes what she needs. Once she has what she needs, the board cleanly erases back to its sweet bright whiteness.

The Post-it Message Board is designed to combine a great long-lasting adhesive surface with a superior dry-erase board. As with my daughter, you can write quick messages (or some fun doodles) or post important documents without pins, tacks, or tape on its long lasting adhesive surface.

It quickly mounts with the help of 3M mounting strips that won't hurt your walls (comes with extra strips, too).

Bringing organization to my otherwise unorganized daughter wasn't really a daunting task with this message board that comes from Post-it.

The Post-it Bulletin/Dry Erase Board establishes the ideal communication center for my daughter's home, and it can do the same for yours. You can find the whole line that Post-it has to offer right at

Find it at, the online office supplies super warehouse. Shoplet also carries cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture, and everything in between.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Music Monday

Have you ever heard of the South Korean drama, Goblin? It wasn't long ago that I got done watching it, yet I have not yet got done listening to the music. Goblin is a sweet melodrama that was filled with beautiful music. Here's just a few of the songs.

Here are a few of the other songs from the drama. I chose the ones to share with you that are all in English. Since Goblin is a melodrama, these are love songs that have a bit of sadness added.

I really loved the following cute and whimsical instrumental. I just got a new phone, and A Glittering Wind is my new ringtone.

I usually watch all my Kdramas at KissAsian. If you got there to check them out, be sure to use an ad blocker.

Want to play along?

Come join the Monday's Music Moves Me Blog Hop at Xmas Dolly

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Wordless Wednesday - April 4, 2018

Weather has been warm and all of our trees are in bloom. Hope your spring is warming up, too.

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