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Thursday, November 17, 2011

REVIEW -- Phix Natural Energy Drinks

Do you feel sometimes that you could use just a boost during the day?  Well, I think your problem has been solved.  I am delighted to present to you Phix Natural Energy Drink Mix.

From the Phix website:

Phix Energy is a sophisticated, natural energy drink mix blending green tea antioxidants, energy-restoring NADH, and yerba maté for enhanced vigor, plus we add vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling healthy.

Our natural energy drinks give you an immediate lift, but unlike other energy drink mix products, there are no spikes, jitters, or crashes. Phix Energy is smooth and sustained energy designed to give you a natural boost day in and day out. Try Phix natural energy drinks, which come in a variety of flavors.

I have been using Phix for the past week, and I can honestly say that within fifteen minutes, I feel so much more energized.  It is a constant smooth energy that last me the rest of the day, and did leave me feeling flat in the evening.  Then I get a great night’s sleep.  I don’t get any jitters or spikes in energy, like I do with other energy drinks, I just feel great, and have so much energy to get through my day.

Phix Energy is formulated under the direction of licensed dietitians and a world-class naturopathic physician, designed to help you feel better every day.  This is what I really like about the product.  I know that it is completely safe to drink.

Phix Energy is a sophisticated natural energy drink powder blending green tea antioxidants, energy-restoring NADH and yerba maté for enhanced vigor, plus we add vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling healthy. Phix Energy is a delicious, lightly sweetened taste that's refreshing hot or cold.
My husband had one the first day we got it, and he went out and baked up a storm.  We had cinnamon rolls, lemon meringue pie, coconut cream pie, cookies, and fresh bread, all baked from scratch in one day!  He said that he had not felt this good in a long while.  

Phix natural energy drinks come in 3 delicious flavors: Citron, Tropic, and Teaberry.  I have to say that Teaberry is my favorite, but they all taste great.  Phix Energy is suitably packaged in single serving energy powder sticks so that it's easy to Phix on the go in a 12 to 16 oz. water bottle.

Anytime, Phix Natural Energy Drinks can give you that extra boost of energy you need to keep you going.

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