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Monday, December 5, 2011

Marvelous Music Monday Blog Hop

Today is Marvelous Music Monday

Let's enjoy some Pre-Christmas Music

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S sung by Perry Como

It Feels Like Christmas
From The Muppet Christmas Carol

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Sung by Andy Williams

Mommy of Two Little Monkeys

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  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, all beautiful choices.

    It would not be Christmas without Perry, Andy and Bing!

    And if a Kindle Fire would make your Yuletide brighter, I'm having a giveaway for one on my site..low entry! Merry Christmas and I'm off to follow you on G+! :-)

  2. Oh no! I can't follow because we are not in circles? Sorry, I'm new to this G+ fanpage thing. I didn't want you to think I told a piddly tale so I dropped back by to let you know why I didn't follow yet.
    How can I make this happen?

  3. Wow Perry Como wherever did you find that one? Totally cool he was my gram's favorite & my mom. Great choices & thanks for playing.

  4. Perry Como and Andy Williams are two of my all time favorites. I can't think of them without thinking of alot of good childhood memories. I have at least one of their CDs. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Perry Como and Bing Crosby are the two singers who pop into my mind when I think of Christmas music. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. My aunt loved Perry Como and I grew up listening to him and my mom loved Andy Williams Christmas music, so talk about favorites! And then the Muppets!! Loved your choices!!

  7. I love the Muppet's Christmas Carol. Last year I purchased the video in 3D and now it is a holiday tradition. I am a new fan of your blog.


  8. I just had a lot of fun singing along with Perry Como. Thanks

  9. Great songs! Thanks for sharing!!

    new follower here from the blog hop. :)

  10. You have a nice collection here! Thank you for sharing with us :)

  11. Sorry it has taken me so long to come by and say Thanks for linking up to our blog hop Love U! on Monday. I have been super busy but wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your coming by and entering giveaways and linking up to the blog hop! See ya soon!



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