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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun Feature Friday -- Epiphany -- We Three Kings

Epiphany has now arrived.  The Wise Men have completed their journey to the Newborn King.

We Three Kings
from The Claymation Christmas Celebration

Many people see Epiphany as "Little Christmas" because this is the day the Wise Men gave gifts to the Baby Jesus.  We celebrate Little Christmas by giving a few extra small gifts in honor of the Three Wise Men. 

The meaning of the three gifts of the Wise Men

Gold--the gift given to royalty and so it represents the fact of Jesus as King in the line of David and King of the world and our hearts.
Frankincense--represents the fact of Jesus' Divinity, since incense was and is used primarily in the worship of God.
Myrrh--looks ahead to the death of Jesus, as myrrh was used for the anointing of the bodies of the dead.
And now, for one last time--


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