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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun Feature Friday - Mother Goose Goes Hollywood

It's time for Fun Feature Friday where I'll post a cartoon from our glorious past.

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood

Now, all of these great actors and actresses were recognized immediately when this short first aired back in 1938, but may be a bit hard for us to know who they are.   I thought it might be easier just to list them, but you can go to 2719 Hyperion to get a better look at them, and a bit more background on the cartoon.

Here is a list of those in the cartoon:
First is Katharine Hepburn as Little Bo Peep
(don't forget to check out yesterday's Theatrical Thursday where I posted her family's brownie recipe)
Old King Cole: Hugh Herbert
 As the Fiddlers Three: The Marx Bros.
The Jester is Ned Sparks (known for his sparkling personality LOL)
Joe Penner shows up trying to sell a duck (Donald Duck).

For Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Men in a Tub we have:
Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh
Spencer Tracy as Manuel from Captains Courageous
and Freddy Bartholomew as Little Lord Fauntleroy (Freddy did play opposite of Spencer Tracy in Captains Courageous)
Katherine Hepburn makes another appearance still looking for her sheep.

For Humpty Dumpty
W.C. Fields is Humpty Dumpty
and Charlie McCarthy is by his side here because there were just in a movie together, You Can't Cheat an Honest Man.

Simple Simon and the Pieman are Laurel & Hardy

See Margery Daw
Edward G. Robinson and Greta Garbo

Little Jack Horner is Eddie Cantor
In the pie pops out Cab Calloway
The next to two to speak are Fats Waller, a famous piano player of the time,
and Stepin Fetchit.
Little Boy Blue is Wallace Beery
In the big finale we first see Edna May Oliver, Mae West, and Zasu Pitts.
Then Clark Gable paired up with George Arliss.
Laurel and Hardy make another appearance.
Fats Waller comes back playing the piano, and the Marx Bros. show up to once more.
Fred Astaire comes dancing in, while Stepin Fetchin is portrayed in his controversial way.
Cab Calloway sings and dances with his band, and W.C. Fields and Charlie McCarthy play some bass for them.
Charles Laughton believes it's mutiny, but he loves it.
Next sashaying right on in is Joe E. Brown and Martha Ray. Oh Boy!
There is one mystery to this cartoon that has yet to be solved.  Now I just got done listening to the commentary on the DVD that we have with this cartoon, and no where does it state:
Who is portrayed on the top of the Jester's Rattler?

Any ideas?  I would love to hear who you think this is.  If you know, please share it with us.


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