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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide Gets Rid of Fresh Blood Stains

I just remembered something that I wanted to share.  When I was having some terrible hemorrhaging problems, I really blood stained a lot of my clothing.  I would do what my mother had told me to do, and that was to hold them under running cold water to get the blood out.  Well, that really never worked, and you know that once a blood stain sets, it's permanent.

Well here is a great solution to get rid of the blood stain before it sets in permanently: Hydrogen Peroxide.  Just pour some on the stain and watch it bubble away the blood.  Don't use anything else before or with the hydrogen peroxide.  It will work like magic.

I have white dogs--Coton de Tulears.  One day one of them was running around and got her toenail stuck on something, and the poor little girl ripped it out a bit before I could get to her.  After I got the bleeding stopped, she had blood all over her white furry paw.  All I did was pour the hydrogen peroxide on the blood, and the blood just miraculously disappeared off her fur.  Her paw ended up being more bright white than it was before since peroxide is a natural hair lightener.


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