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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marvelous Music Monday -- The Truth After Valentine's

Since I was sick in bed last week, and wasn't able to link up, I am still in a bit of a Valentine mood.

Let's hear a few songs about what happens after the Valentine's have fallen.

Hey Brother, Pour the Wine by Dean Martin

Now the classic...Frankie and Johnny
sung by Louis Armstrong
As incredible as it might seem, this song is based on a true story. On October 15, 1899, 22-year-old Frankie Baker shot 17-year-old Albert Britt to death at 212 Targee Street in St. Louis, Mo. The shooting apparently was over another woman, Alice Pryor. The following night, Bill Dooley, a black pianist and songwriter composed "Frankie and Albert," a ballad which would later become famous as "Frankie & Johnny."


What do you think of my after Valentine songs?



  1. I swear more things and people have come out of St. Louis! Like your choices. Oh and Dean! *swoon*
    ~Naila Moon

  2. I was sick for Valentine's Day too. UGH! I caught a nasty stomach bug and couldn't even enjoy my chocolate.

    Love Dean Martin and Louis! Great Valentine's picks!

  3. Enjoyed the post very much. Nice songs.

  4. Those are some awesome classics - and I didn't know the second one was actually based on a true story! Thanks so much for playing along with us! :)

    It Will Rain, so Blow and Set Fire To The Rain – I’m Glad You Came Safe And Sound

  5. Know both of these. I haven't heard them in so very long. Frankie & Johnny is a favorite of mine too! Great choices indeed. Have a great day!

  6. Definite Classics, perfect for today!!

  7. Dean Martin- what a classic! Very nice list!

  8. Following back. What a lovely blog. I just love the classics and am involved in a musical theatre review where one of the guys is singing Come Fly With Me. I think we all need a little Sinatra and the boys from time to time. :)

  9. classic songs never go out of style!!
    i am your newest linky follower.

  10. I LOVE Music Mondays! Thanks for visiting our site and including our Button!
    -JadeLouise Designs

  11. Wow that's an interesting little history on the song.

    Very nice ones.

    Hope you are feeling better now.

  12. I had never heard either of these before - love the Dean Martin one!

  13. Got to love Deano and Louie. Great singers.

  14. Frankie and Johnny! That voice! I like it so but of course I am biased for the classics.

  15. Way ta go! Icons in their own right. Love your choices. Have a great day!

  16. Wow, I had no idea the song Frankie & Johnny was based on a true story. I remember singing this song as a kid. Thanks for the memories and the history. See ya next Monday!


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