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Friday, February 17, 2012

Silly Saturday -- Out Foxed starring Droopy

Let's have some laughs with Droopy in Tex Avery's Out Foxed.

Not only does the Fox follow Fox News, but he is also a Tea Party-er!

Because of a death in the family, and then I was so ill this last week, I missed something very special.  I would like to wish our good friend, Marion, a very happy 97th birthday.  

Marion was born on a farm in North Dakota in 1915.  From his memories, he told me that during the cold winters in North Dakota, his mother would pour water over the windows to let that freeze.  The freezing water would insulate the windows from the cold!  When Marion got older, he and his friends would chase after the rattlesnakes, catch them by their tails, whip them around, and crack the snake like a whip.  That would break all the bones in the back of the snake.  They would then wear them around their necks!
Marion became an accountant, and lived in Los Angeles when he grew up.  He was very good friends with Jack LaLanne, and played poker with George Burns.  While in his 50's, he had a couple heart attacks, and a bypass surgery.  He never found the time to find a wife, and get married.  He is just an old bachelor.

Marion still gets around like he is in his seventies.  He still drives with ease, gets up at 5:30 every morning, and walks a mile and a half a day.

Marion, remember, having birthdays has been statistically proven to be good for you.  The more you have, the longer you live!
Happy Birthday!



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