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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Theatrical Thursday -- The Secret World of Arrietty

From Walt Disney Studios, The Secret World of Arrietty will be opening at theaters everywhere on February 17.  
Walt Disney Studios was kind enough to let me share some clips from the movie with you.
What do they call you?

What are Borrowers?

Young Beans

That Wasn't So Hard

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Here are some activity sheets that go with the movie. Click Here (pdf)

This really looks like it is going to be a fun movie to watch.



  1. I am so excited for a new Disney movie! I am still a princess ;)

  2. LOL, Couponista Queen!!! :) Thanks! Looks like a cute movie!

  3. Oh, this looks so good!!! I can't wait!

  4. Can't wait to see this movie!!! : ) hugs...your newest follower! : )

  5. If my daughter sees this, she's gonna mark the calender for 17th. Disney rocks!

  6. I just love Disney films, this looks really good and the graphics look great. Cant wait xx

  7. Can't wait to take my family to see this!!

  8. I loved reading The Borrower books when I was in grade school - this looks like it is going to be great.


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