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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Natural House Probiotic Cleaning Products - REVIEW and GIVEAWAY ends 3/17

Natural House Probiotic products, natural household cleaners, are a revolutionary new way of cleaning your home. They use the natural power of probiotics, which are totally non-toxic, to clean and keep cleaning the dirtiest areas of your home.  They are strong enough for commercial applications, yet gentle enough for all the members of your Natural House.  Here is a video on how Natural House natural cleaning products help to keep your home clean:

I was very fortunate for Natural House to send me a month's supply of their products so that I was able to do a review for you.  I love the fact that all of Natural House's products are biodegradable, non-toxic, and Eco-Friendly!  Natural House products are truly natural household cleaning products.  They are not made with any harsh chemicals
Trashy is an all natural probiotic trash can deodorizer and scrubber.  It removes odors at their source.  It will dissolve odors, grease, and bits of food off of your indoor and outdoor trash cans, and your diaper pails.

It is so easy to use, just spray into your trash can or diaper pail, and wipe it clean or let it air dry.  The probiotic action will get rid of those nasty germs and leave behind that fresh botanical scent.  It will keep on working for a full week to keep your family safe from germs. 

I found Trashy to be a great product.  It has done exactly as promised.  Not only did it clean my kitchen and bathroom trash cans, but it left a very pleasant fragrance.  

Flushy is Natural House's answer to the dirty toilet.  It is a powerful toilet bowl cleaner plus a drain and septic treatment all in one.  Natural House's professional formula works to get rid of stains, hard water & calcium deposits in the bowl.   Not only does the probiotic action work to keep stains, hard water, and calcium deposits from forming in my toilet bowl, but it leaves that wonderful Natural House botanical scent behind.

Flushy is so easy to use.  Just plop a packet of Flushy into the toilet bowl.  Let it foaming action go to work, and then scrub the bowl with a toilet brush.  Then just flush the toilet to let Flushy work on cleaning your pipes, and if you have a septic system, it will go to work on breaking down the waste.  

I loved working with Flushy.  It did exactly as promised.  I just tossed a packet in, watched the foaming action go to work, and then did a bit of scrubbing.  I felt so good about knowing that after I flushed the toilet, Flushy was going to work on keeping our waste lines clean until it ended up in our septic tank to do it's job there.  Since we have a septic system, it is a priority with us to keep the system healthy and working.  Just knowing that Natural House Flushy is full of probiotics is so comforting.  Since I take probiotics to keep my system in working order, what could be better than probiotics for my septic tank.

Sinky breaks down grease and food scraps in your garbage disposal, kitchen pipes.  Used weekly, it can help prevent clogs and slow drains.  With it's professional but safe strength, it will even ward off dangerous food born pathogens from your sink.  And as with all of Natural House's products, it's probiotic action will keep working for a full week, naturally digesting odors at their source, and leave the lovely botanical scent behind.

Sinky, too, it so easy to use.  Just toss a Sinky packet into your sink, turn on the hot water for five to ten seconds, and watch it work.  It will foam up and start dissolving the grease and whatever food particles that are in your kitchen pipes and disposal.

Sinky really made my kitchen sink smell wonderful.  I don't have a disposal, so I don't know how that works. After a few weeks of using Sinky now, I feel that my pipes are in a better working order.  I really love the fresh botanical scent that Sinky, all of Natural House's products, leave behind.

Out of all three, my favorite was Trashy.  It really cleaned my trash cans well, and I felt so good that they were germ free.  Knowing that they would stay that way for a whole week made me feel better.

My least favorite was Sinky.  It did not foam up very well, but it did leave that lovely scent behind.  I do feel that it did work on the pipes all the same.

One thing that really made me love Natural House products even more were the great reviews that people left on their website, and how high people rated their all natural cleaning products.  What puts me even more at ease with Natural House is that they earned the coveted Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show!

Natural House products come in one month supplies for only $4.99 for each product.  You can purchase them on Natural House's website or on Amazon (with Amazon you can use perks like "Free Super Saver Shipping" or "Amazon Prime.").

You can also find Natural House on Facebook and Twitter.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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