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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marvelous Music Monday for April 16, 2012

Today's theme for the hop is: Freebie

I chose two classics from out of the past.

The Chordettes singing Mr. Sandman

Petula Clark singing Downtown

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Today's them is a freebie.  So you can post whatever music you would like.  


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  1. I remember my parents with this music. I used not to like these kinds of songs when I was young because I thought that they were for the oldies. Now, I enjoy them myself. :-) Guess, I am an oldie now as well. :-));-)

    1. As long as we are young in our minds, we will never bee too old.

  2. Hey, I prefer the oldies because you can understand them and some of them are kind of cute. You never see anymore harmonies with four people hardly anymore. Petula Clark omg I have heard that song in like forever, but if I listen to it it'll be stuck in mu head all day. LOL Thanks for playing along. Bring a friend next time.

  3. Thanks for the link up, I added mine! IDK if I should admit this or not but I do not remember these :x

  4. I just played these for my parents and they remember them like night and day! Great song selections as usual!

  5. Great choices! Just shared on Google+! :) Have a great day!

  6. Love these classic tunes! I always sing Downtown to my girls whenever we head into Downtown Tampa. :-D

  7. I do love oldies too, even as a teen. Kids used to fuss at me because I wouldn't play the on the scene thump music.

    Enjoy your week!

    1. My sister used to call me her embarrassment because I didn't like the music that was "in style" either.

  8. I've always loved Mr. Sandman. Thanks for sharing it today.

  9. Thanks for bring in to my attention about the links. We like oldies, even my little boys

  10. I enjoyed both of these oldies, can't remember the last time I heard Downtown, so much fun!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  11. i love "mr sandman" thanks for sharing!

  12. Nice choices. There is just so much out there to love.

    Come join the conversations every Thursday and Post your questions on Thursday Two Questions Meme

  13. I love, love these songs. Especially Downtown. I used to sing that as a kid.

  14. I love both of these songs and always have.
    I remember Mr. Sandman from Three Men and a Baby, a great movie. Plus I've been singing Downown since I was a kid.
    Hope you have a great week.

  15. Goodness! I haven't heard those songs in years!

  16. Fantastic old songs. SOmetimes, I like the oldies as much as the youngies. LOL
    ~Naila Moon

  17. I don't have any music to share but love the ones you chose this week. Oldies but goodies. Pretty cool to actually see them too instead of just hearing them like I usually do.


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