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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

REVIEW: Olasonic TW-S7 USB Powered Super Audio Speakers

Are your computer's speakers just not the best?  Have you ever wanted to have that same quality of sound from you laptop or computer that you get from you home stereo system?   I have the answer to these questions.  Olasonic TW-S7 USB Bus Powered 10W+10W Speaker System.
-Simple USB-Only Connection
-USB Powered, Needs No Electrical Outlet
-Massive Magnet Speaker Unit
-High-Performance Digital Amplifier
-Passive Radiator for Deep Bass Reproduction
-Aerodynamic Design for Ideal Sound Field
-Super Audio For Mac and PC Using a Single USB Cable

These speakers deliver sounds as if you are in a small concert hall.  For the size of these speakers, the sounds reverberate so clearly.  There is just the right amount bass to equal out the acoustics.  The ferrite magnet that the Olasonic TW-S7 uses will achieve great sounds across both the high and low-frequency spectrums.  When you turn the speakers up, they still have a great quality and clear sound while minimizing the unwanted sounds.

These USB speakers are different from other USB speakers.  They have a 10W+10W Dynamic Peak Power Output.

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"The TW-S7 achieves 10W+10W dynamic power output through the use of the revolutionary Super Charged Drive System™ (SCDS). The SCDS operates similar to the drive system in a hybrid car, storing USB bus power as electrical charge in a high capacity condenser during periods of low signal output and then releasing power during periods of higher signal output in order to achieve greater dynamic power output on a continuous basis. Incorporation of a newly developed high-efficiency digital amplifier and high-capacity speaker unit enable the TW-S7 to achieve surprisingly high output in comparison to other USB powered speaker systems."

These speakers are egg-shaped.  Olasonic calls it "Acoustically Ideal Elliptical Cabinet."  The Olasonic TW-S7 speakers have no horizontal surfaces like in standard speakers that are rectangular.  These speakers use 100% of the volume which results in greater efficiency. Because of the egg-shape, the sounds do not travel just straight out like an old standard speaker, the sounds distributes the sounds better around the room.  While this design is for the magnification of the sound, they also make a great conversation piece.

Two features that I really like about these speakers are that they plug into your computer using only the USB port and a single cable as their power source.  Which is great because you get clear sound reproduction with a deep bass in a diminutive footprint.  And the unique high-quality silicone insulator stands that not only absorb base vibration, they also allow you to position the speakers anyway that you like to ensure that you get the best listening environment possible.

If you follow my blog, you will know that I am a music lover.  I can listen to music all day.  These speakers make listening to music on my laptops such a pleasure.  I only wish that Olasonic would make speakers for my large stereo system or for a home theater system.  They would sound awesome!

I just want to add one more detail about these speakers.  Olasonic does ship these so well protected.  The box was in excellent shape when it arrived.  I was even more pleased when I read that both the packing and insulation are recyclable.

Are you ready to buy?  The Olasonic TW-S7 USB Bus Powered 10W+10W Speaker System comes in Noble Black and Brilliant White.  They have a suggested retail value of $129.99, but you can buy them from Amazon,, and for only $99.99.

You can connect with Olasonic through their website, or on Facebook.

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