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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

REVIEW: Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen

Here is a new product that I want to tell all of you about: Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen.

Have you ever wondered how to safely clean your HDTV screen safely?  What about your computer monitor, or even your new eyeglasses with that scratch-proof coating?  Scott's Liquid Gold has come up with the solution: Clean Screen.  Scott's Liquid Gold has been around for over 60 years, and it has evolved over time to bring us a solution to safely care for our valuable electronics, eyeglasses, and even our tinted windows in our cars.

Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen uses a highly effective two-part cleaning system to safely clean your electronics.  It comes as a two part kit.  The first part of the kit contains a specially formulated RO (Reverse Osmosis) solution.  Reverse Osmosis is a  state-of-the-art water treatment technology that removes molecules of mineral deposits and impurities smaller than the water molecules themselves.  The second part is the synthetic suede micro fiber cloth that is so very soft, lint-free, and definitely won't scratch delicate screens.

This two part system uses no tap water, ammonia, or alcohol. So it won't deteriorate, discolor or harm any delicate surfaces.  It also leaves no residue, which means no streaks or smudges left behind.  All you get is crystal clear screen!

All the uses for Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen are:
  • Computer Monitors, laptops, HDTV's, game systems, cell phone, iPads, iPods, camera lens, portable video players, mp3 players
  • DVD/CD's (ever have a discs that you wanted to clean safely, but scratched it up (Clean Screen will clean them safely)
  • Eyeglasses and Sunglasses -- Clean Screen won't damage the scratch coat on them!
  • It is also safe for your tinted car windows.
I went around the house and tried Scott's Liquid Gold on all of the uses that it is for.  I first cleaned my computer monitor.  Now it was dirty and grimy because I have not cleaned it for a while because I ran out of my other cleaning solution that I had bought for it.  It did take three times to clean it, but it is now so shiny and crystal clear much better than the other cleaner that I had.  It is a four year old monitor, and even though it was dirty, it is not scratched at all.  Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen brought it right back to its shiny crystal clear look of being brand new!  I was amazed when I was done.  My other cleaner never made it look like this.  Right now writing this, looking at my clean screen--I am just loving it!

I also went through the whole house over the weekend, trying it here and there.  I cleaned our HDTV.  It took two applications because I found a few spots of milk on it from my youngest, but it is now looking great!  I then got my husband's new eyeglasses.  The hubby was a bit skeptical, but handed them over.  One application and they were perfect.  He wants to use this all the time now.  I cleaned everyone's cell phones--now they are all crystal clear and all the smudges are gone.  I then went to my own sunglasses, and gave them a good cleaning.  I hate looking through a smudgy and streaked lens, but with Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen, looking through my sunglasses is a delight!  It doesn't even seem like I am wearing sunglasses they are so clear.

My son then started on our CD collection.  It is a big collection, and he cleaned quite a lot of CD's that were having problems.  They play much better now.  He also cleaned our youngest son's DVD collection--I can't tell you how much they were smudged up with fingerprints!  They are all nice and shiny now.

Thank you so much Scott's Liquid Gold for coming to our rescue!  I clearly love Clean Screen.

You can buy Clean Screen at a variety of grocery and discount retailers nationwide, and also online at Scott's Liquid Gold website.  It is available in a 6.5 fluid oz. Ready-to-Use Spray, and includes one suede micro fiber cloth.  The suggested retail value price is $7.99, but often you can find it at Scott's online for $4.00.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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