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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marvelous Music Monday for May 7, 2012

Today's Theme: Songs from Other Countries

We had plenty of fun with this one

Zorba (Sirtaki)
I married a Greek, this one has to come first.

Sukiyaki reached number one for three weeks on the Billboard top 100 in 1963. It was performed by the great Kyu Sakamoto (RIP ). Music by Hachidai Nakamura and the lyrics by Rokusuke Ei.

L'Amour est Bleu
Sung by Vicky Leandros (another Greek! Ha!)

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Today's Theme is Songs from other countries (including Hawaii (even though it's in the U.S. it's okay) Suggest by Mr. Cool. Being as he's not here for a while maybe when he comes back we'll play it again. You may also change it to a singer that has the same last name initial as you! Suggested by Cathy Kennedy. 

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  1. Great song selections for this week's theme. This one has been rather fun, don't you think? It was great to dance with you this morning. Keep rockin' the week away!

    Music From Around the World

  2. Enjoyed all three of your choices. I wanted to get up and dance with the first one, loved seeing all those people thrilled hearing a favorite :)

    Have a wonderful week!!

    1. They were having a great time, weren't they!

  3. Then Greek it is :)
    I love your selections!

    Have a great week!

  4. Oh my goodness I haven't heard Zorba the Greek in eons! Totally fun son. Great selections. Thanks for sharing & playing along with us. See you next time.

  5. wow its a amazing songs collection. Music is my hobby and your collection is such a nice. Thanks for share this awesome post.

  6. Loved all three of your selections! "Sukiyaki" is actually on my iPhone's Top 25 songs most frequently played, or something along those lines, LOL. One of my aunts got me hooked on the song when I was about 5 or 6 years old, and I've never been able to get it out of my head since. Darn thing has been stuck in there for more than 40 years!

  7. Oh those were so fun! The first one had me hoppin'!
    ~Naila Moon

  8. WOW... totally LOVED the Zorba Dance by the Orchestra, it was fantastic. Plus I loved seeing the audience have so much fun with it.
    The Japanese song was really pretty, but I really liked the last Greek song. Even though I had no idea what she was singing, the music and her voice had me closing my eyes and swaying with the song. Great choices, thanks for posting.
    Have a great week, see you next Monday!


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