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Thursday, July 26, 2012

#Win FireFly Fragrance by Demeter ends 8/13 US

Marie from has partnered with me to bring you a fun giveaway. She's testing a new entry form.

Here is what she has to say about the prize:

Fresh  air, night time on a summer evening...FireFly by Demeter is an cool, light scent that you will fall in love with.

Similar to "Thunderstorm" I think, but a note or two lighter and more "earth" 

Demeter scents tend to change as they warm up on your skin, this one is no different. At first, on me anyway, the earthy smell was strong, but within a few minutes that note dissipated and I was left with just the cool, night air smell. Really nice.

On my daughter, it didn't change too much, and she thought it was a bit masculine.  However it settles on you,  I think you'll love it!

Marie is trying out a new entry form, so far she really like it, but she would like to hear from you.

So we are adding a bonus entry for you, just tell us how you like it, what would you change, it's that easy!

Good Luck, I hope you win!

There are still some problems with the tweet.
Please use this tweet:


  1. Don't don't much care for the new entry form.

  2. Um...please go back to Rafflecopter, pretty please!
    And....THANK YOU so much for this giveaway and all the other WONDERFUL giveaways you are hosting. Your blog ROCKS!

  3. Don't worry, Rafflecopter will be my form of choice from now on. It is still the best.

  4. I'm not sure if this is a single entry giveaway or if I come back each day an redo all the entries. ???

    1. This form isn't the greatest. If you have already entered, just put your email address back in, and just tweet the giveaway--using the tweet above the form. You can tweet daily.

  5. I like your new entry form...

  6. thanks a lot i brag and blog on any winning
    desi the blonde at msn dot ocm

  7. I like it some, but he other form (not RC but the other one) is my favorite. Giveaway tools?


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