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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marvelous Music Monday - Let's Get Together - August 6, 2012

On Mondays, we all get together and create a fun musical time.
Today I am celebrating the friendship that I enjoy with you all.

"Let's Get Together"
From The Parent Trap

"That's What Friends are For"
From The Jungle Book

"Best of Friends"
From The Fox and the Hound

 For the month of August, I am an Honorary Co-Conductor of the Monday's Music Moves Me

Want to play along?  It's simple!
1.  Find your music--YouTube, or anywhere you can embed on your post.
2. Grab "Monday's Music Moves Me" Button (Located Here)
3. SIGN LINKY, Follow us, grab our buttons & leave us a comment.
Finally, Boogie down to your Fellow Rockin' Bloggers on our Linky or bring some back with you to join us!

At Royalegacy, you will only find family friendly music.  I cannot say the same for the other sites that are linking up to this hop.
If you do post explicit music, please say so in the Linky.

Update: A fellow blogger posted about friendship today, too.

Do you have a family friendly blog? Please comment, and leave a link to your blog. I would love to come on over to visit.


  1. Awww, I love The Fox and The Hound!

    Sorry I didn't come by last week. It was sooooo busy here that I didn't have a chance to do much of anything I usually get to do. I'm hoping to get a 4Ms post for today up really soon.

  2. Ah-hmmmm that's HONORARY CO-CONDUCTOR if you please! CONGRATS! GLAD TO HAVE YOU ABOARD! Love Love your choices they definitely put me in a good mood I'll tell you. I haven't seen that parent trap song in like forever. Great choices girlfriend! Have a rocking good time this month being our Honorary Co-Conductor!!!! APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!

  3. I do enjoy Monday's too, it is fun to get together and listen to a wide range of music choices. I love the Parent Trap (both). Oh, and Jungle Book, my kids watched that movie over and over again. I love it when a song brings happy memories back :)
    Enjoy your month in your honorary position and have fun!!!!!

  4. What a fun post, thank you for helping to start my day with song xo

  5. I love all the songs. What a great post you always do. Dancing along:)

  6. I love your videos. I hope the kids will want to rent Fox and the Hound again.

    Have a fabulous week!

  7. Those voices blending so well on That's What Friends are For are so good to hear. Love all your choices.

    I followed you on G+ and Linky; liked your FB page. Thanks for the like on mine.

  8. Great picks this week! It's marvelous having you aboard this month as honorary co-conductor. Our desktop computer's hard drive went kurpluck Saturday night. Wouldn't you figure after it was outta warranty, too. I'll have my hands full until I can get this problem resolved. That being said means blog hopping will be limited. So, I'm happy you were selected to help see things run smoothly on MMMM! Keep the music alive & your toes tapping!!

  9. I so love all these movies and can remember seeing the Parent Trap (showing my age here) when it came out and had the 45 record of the theme song.

  10. What a lovely theme you've chosen this week even though it's a freebie :)

    I haven't seen The Fox and the Hound in forever! If I remember correctly, that movie makes be bawl every time. LOL

    Thanks for sharing with everyone :)

    Have a musical week!


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