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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Global Eyeglasses: A Sight to Behold - Review

My husband husbnad just go new prescription eye wear from  They are so wonderful on him, and make him look so handsome!  They came just in time, too. His last pair of glasses just decided to break.  The quality of the lenses just can't be beat, either.  With the wide selection of frames that Global Eyeglasses offers, he really didn't know which frames to pick.  Since I like a semi-rimless with my reading glasses, I told him to try a pair.  He didn't know about it at first, but decided to take my advice.  He loves that he has no frame under the lenses.  He really likes his new glasses from Global Eyeglasses.

My husband has a strong prescription due to astigmatism.  He has been going to big chain retailers to get his eyeglasses, but sometimes they weren't just right.  He would have to go back and get them redone.  One time it took two times to get it right!  The prescription glasses he got from Global Eyeglasses are just perfect.  He sees wonderfully from them.  With the semi-rimless that he got, he loves how there is no border to see under his eyes, and they blend into his face better to make the glasses less noticeable. 

What are the benefits from buying your eyeglasses online from Global Eyeglasses?  One great benefit is that frames start at only $19 and all of their frames include: FREE Single Vision Lenses; FREE 100% UV Protection; FREE Anti-Scratch Coating; FREE Case & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth!  All this, plus a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and a 12 Month Warranty.

I wanted to know more about Global Eyeglasses, and was very impressed with the company when I read their mission statement:
"At; it is our constant endeavor to provide Best services, Best Quality and Best collection of eyeglasses to our customers at competitive pricing structures. Our company’s industry specialists perfectly understand your optical needs and each lens is custom made and finely crafted based on your prescription. In fact, every lens and frame is rechecked for accuracy, precision and quality before being shipped out to our customers.
Our company came into being with the ultimate goal of providing professional services and superior prescription eyeglasses by incorporating advanced craftsmanship and professionalism thereby creating a league of our own amidst a competitive industry."
Would you like prescription sunglasses?  Global Eyeglasses has them, too!  These start from only $19, also, and the default ting is included in that price.  Here are a few of what Global Eyeglasses has to offer for Sunglasses:

With Global Eyeglasses, you get better quality at a better price.  If you think that you are getting a great deal at one of your local big chain stores, think again.  Global Eyeglasses is up 64% cheaper than those big chain discount retailers for prescription eye wear.  Is there a price difference between Global Eyeglasses and your optician.  You Bet!  Global Eyeglasses will have you swooning over the savings!

If you wear prescription glasses daily, just imagine what it would be like never to have them--never being able to see things correctly.  Another great feature about Global Eyeglasses is that they are helping the world with their eyesight.  Did you know that around 800 million people in the world are blind, and that 80% of that blindness is avoidable?  Did you know that 44% of the world's population needs vision correction, and that many in third world countries go without glasses? Global Eyeglasses has joined with New Eyes for the Needy and Unite for Sight to bring proper eye care and eye wear to people throughout the world that would otherwise go blind, or never get their vision corrected.  It makes me feel good that Global Eyeglasses cares enough to give back to the world's needy.

Do you, or someone special to you, need a new pair of prescription glasses?  I highly recommend that you get your next pair from  With prices that start at just $19 a pair with all the trimmings, how can you go wrong!

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Many thanks to who provided a product or sample for this Review. I received no monetary compensation.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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