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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Marvelous Music Monday with The Carpenters August 10, 2012

Sorry I missed all of you last week.  But I am back up and running, at least for now.  I am on my nine year old XP computer that has a tendency to restart whenever it likes.  My good computer needs a new motherboard, and I am going to check on that this week.

For today, the theme of Monday's Music Moves Me is "Songs we listened to in high school."  My favorite music in high school was Chopin, but for today, I chose The Carpenters.  I used to listen to their old albums when we went up to our cabin at Green Valley Lake near Big Bear, California.

We have a 30% chance of more thunderstorms today, and it is Monday, so....

Rainy Days and Mondays

(They Long to Be) Close to You

We've Only Just Begun


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This week's theme is music you listened to while in high school.


  1. First off, I heard you're sick. So, I hope you're feeling better soon. Isn't it something how an old computer can save your bacon? After our desktop crashed, it was our old Macbook, which kept me connected to the outside world. lol We're still piecing things together with our desktop, but I"m not gonna sweat it. I'm just dancing and enjoying dancing with friends like you on Monday's Music Moves Me. Saying a prayer for you, my friend!

    1. PS: I forgot to mention, The Carpenters were one of my favorite groups when I was a teenager, too. Great choice!

  2. Great choices, Danielle! Glad to see you back, even if you are limping along on a 9 yr old motherboards are a pain, aren't they? Hope you didn't lose too much of your important stuff. And I hope you're feeling better, too!! :)

    Overcome Livin’ On A Prayer – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn so Lean On Me, F•R•I•E•N•D•S

  3. We listen to the carpenters all the time- on vinyl,since we love records!
    marie h.

  4. I LOVE that song Close To You-I don't know why, but the lyrics just get me every time I listen to any variation of it :)

    I love all your choices this week and I'm certainly glad you were able to join us!

    Good luck with your computer and getting it fixed!

  5. Oh, man!!! I loved the Carpenters. Great memories and thanks for bringing them to me today!

  6. So how's it goin' girlfriend? Feeling any better? Sure hope so! And the computer is she all better too???? lol Karen Carpenter... lovely voice it's such a shame what happened to her. Thanks for sharing and hope you're on the road to recovery real soon!

  7. hope you feel better soon and i must say great choice of music I love the carpenters one of my all time favorite groups

    Come Say HI

  8. I love Karen Carpenter! To me she's the perfect example of 'voice of an angel.' Here's hoping the computer situation gets better soon. Have a great week ahead.

  9. I spent the earlier part of the day on our ancient laptop...which can barely load the videos....because my daughters took over my fancy computer station!
    yes, perfect day for the Carpenters.

  10. Fabulous music selections!

    Welcome back to us!

    I hope you get your motherboard soon.

    Thanks for sharing with us today!

    Just able to access my blog again from the hack.

    Have a great week!

  11. Well these brought back a few memories :-)

    Good luck with getting your PC sorted

  12. I haven't listened to the Carpenters in eons! She had such a great voice! Took me back to my mom listening to them when we were kids! <3


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