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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marvelous Music Monday - October 23, 2012


Some international flavor today.

Ivan Rebroff, born as Hans-Rolf Rippert, (31 July 1931 - 27 February 2008), was a German singer, allegedly of Russian ancestry, with an extraordinary vocal range of four and a half octaves, ranging from the soprano to impressive bass registers.

Cossack Patrol

Havah Nagila
My sons like to listen to ivan Rebroff, and suggested that I put this on last week, but when I saw that today's theme was international music, I decided to wait until today.

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This week's theme is International Music.

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  1. Ivan Rebroff has a strong voice and one I believe I like at least in portions. The German or Russian language is a bit harsh sounding to my ear, but it does have a certain appeal. Perhaps this is just because I love music so much and no matter what language a song is sung in then I dig. Thanks for making me get up and dance, especially with the last song. I was ready to the Russian Kazatskis (squat kicks). Great picks for our International Song theme this week on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  2. Love and I got to hear some new music so thank you

  3. Amazing singer and terrific pick for this weeks theme.
    ~Naila Moon

  4. Not exactly my musical cup of tea, but you definitely can't deny the man has an incredible voice! Great choice for today's theme :)

    Have a musical week!

  5. The second song reminds me of weddings... lol What a fabulous voice. Great choices for International theme today! You ROCK girl!

  6. Ivan has such a strong voice.
    I love listening to music in different cultures!

    Thanks for rocking!


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