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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Royalegacy's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Papermonster Office Products - Personal Thermal Binding Machine & Family Data Shredder - Review

Royalegacy's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

In August, I was lucky enough to sent two great Papermonster products from to review.  Because I and the family were so sick for all of September, I was not able to get to this sooner.  Now, for the first time in five weeks, I feel pretty good, and I want you to get to know these two wonderful products from Papermonster courtesy of!

The two products that I received from were the Papermonster 8-1/2"X11" Personal Thermal Binding Machine TB220 and the Papermonster 9/32" Strip Cut Family Data Shredder - S201.   These are two quality office machines that have really been a big help in our home office.

We are a big home school family.  Besides me my kids' mom, I have been my kids' teacher since 1987.  Even though I have only one left that I home school, I still copy all of his workbooks.  I have always prefered older school books than what they publish today.  I had bought a large stapler that I could staple books together that were over 1/2" thick.  I havenever been happy with stapling.  It leaves a rough look at the binding, and I want a smooth look.  It makes the kids think that they have something more special.

The Papermonster 8-1/2 x 11" Personal Thermal Binding Machine - TB220 is the machine that I was most excited to receive.  Now I have a machine that will bind my child's workbooks up, and make them look professional.  It binds my workbooks in less than three minutes.  It works perfectly with standard sized paper, and binds documents together up to 1" thick!  I do have a few workbooks that come that thick.  I have been stapling them in half, and now I don't have to!

 The other great machine Papermonster 9/32" Strip cut Family Data Shredder is an economic and convenient strip cut paper shredder.  It is perfect for our small office, which is just a corner in our bedroom.  The shredder part is just top to the waste basket.  It is adjustable so that youcan add it to any other waste paper basket if you wish to shred into a larger bin or garbage can.  It comes with three different design decals so that you can personalize your shredder bin to fit your office decor.  It can shred up to 6 sheets at a time. It is so convenient to have around.

I found that it was really a handy little shredder to have in our little office.  I was able to shred some old documents that I had been saving to open up some room in our file box.  It was a secure feeling that I felt as I shredded these old documents.  I knew that shredding is a more secure way of getting rid of old personal documents without anyone taking our information from them.  For a while, we burned our old documents, but I really like this method much better.  I did find that I had to shred at least two papers at a time, or fold the one sheet because the machine didn't turn on with just the one piece of paper.  With more than the one sheet, it just devoured them. is a leading dealer in binding and laminating products in the United States located in Oregon.  They currently have over 24,000 binding and laminating products on their website right now!    They are fully knowledgeable about all of the products that they sell.  If you have any questions about their products or need to know which one is right for your needs, they will have the answer for you.

Two great gift ideas for upcoming holidays!

Both of these items would make great gifts for the home office.

I love both of my Papermonster products that I got from  The prices of these products were very reasonable, too.  The Papermonster 8-1/2 x 11" Personal Thermal Binding Machine - TB220 is only $49.95. also stocks a complete line of Thermal Binding Covers to go with your new Papermonster Thermal Binding Machine. 

The Papermonster 9/32" Strip Cut Family Data Shredder - S201 is economically priced at $14.95.  This is a quality paper shredder that you can get for a great price!

You can get FREE Shipping at with a $75 or more order.

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