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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kandle Flex by Ozeri - Review #HGG

I worry about my mother at times.  She wants the latest tech gadgets, but does not adequately prepare them for her age.  Last year my sister got her a Nook reader.  My mother loves it, but has a bit of a hard time seeing it especially in the evening.  I decided to get her a little gadget that she can see it better with and reduce her eye strain; I got her a Kandle Flex by Ozeri.

The wonderful people at Ozeri let me review the Kandle Flex for them.  When I told me mother, she was thrilled about it.  When she got it, she was like a kid in a candy store.  Really fun to watch.  She had her Nook all ready to go, and we clipped it on for her.  It really improved the way she can now see her screen.

The Kandle Flex by Ozeri has three LED lights that can be adjusted for brightness--a soft light and an ultra-bright setting.  It clips on to your reader with ease through Ozeri's thoughtful engineering of a WideLip clip that won't block the screen.  Even though it was designed to clip onto a third generation Kindle reader, the Kandle Flex can also clip onto other eBook readers like my mother's Nook.  The flexible goose neck light allows you to adjust it to where it perfectly illuminates the screen to your liking.  This helps in getting rid of any screen glare.

To keep the LED bulbs from getting scratched or broken, the lamp connects to the clip. There is a convenient pouch that comes with the Kandle Flex for storage.

When we first got it, my mother was all worried that we would have to go out and get batteries for it.  I told her it was not a problem, that Ozeri conveniently comes with two batteries already installed, and an extra set when you need them.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard from Mom about how much she loves reading her eBooks in bed at night. 

Holiday Gift Idea!

Do you know of someone who uses an eBook reader and could use a light for it.  The Kandle Flex by Ozeri would make a great gift for them this year.  It sells for only $17.95, and if you have Amazon Prime, this item ships for Free!  At this price you can buy several for your family or friends.  Since kids can suffer from eye strain, too, this little item could even be a stocking stuffer for one of your children.

The Kandle Flex is just one of the great items that Ozeri has.  Check out Ozeri's website for more gift ideas for the modern home.  To keep up with latest items and sales, follow Ozeri on Facebook.

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