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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marvelous Music Monday - That's What I Want for Christmas - December 10, 2012

"That's What I Want for Christmas"
sung by Shirley Temple

This song was originally written for the Shirley Temple movie Stowaway.  Written in 1935, it is a typical song of the depression era.   Still so sweet that a child's wish is not for herself, but for others at Christmas.  Children could still learn a lesson from this song.

Make my mommy's life a song;
Keep my daddy safe and strong;
Let me have them all year long;
That's what I want for Christmas.
Let my dolls be made of rags,
Fireman hats of paper bags,
Just write "Love" on the Christmas tags;
That's what I want for Christmas.

When I wake up Christmas day,
I would like to find a sleigh;
but if I don't, dear Santa Claus,
I will not complain because
What I really want is this;
Sister's mile and brother's kiss,
Fill our land with peace and bliss
From main down to the Isthmus;
That's what i want for Christmas.

I don't want electric trains,
Twenty dollar aeroplanes.
Free our friends of aches and pains;
That's what I want for Christmas.
I like boots with tops of blue
Like my little sisters do;
So, if you leave them leave a few;
That's what I want for Christmas.

When the reindeer pass my house,
I'll be quiet as a mouse.
But, when I wake up, let me see
Marching round the Christmas Tree
Animals that never bite,
Never giving any fright,
Soldier boys who never fight;
That's what I want for Christmas.
Yes, that's what I want for Christmas.

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