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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Marvelous Music Monday 4Ms - Discombobulate - January 21, 2013

For the past three days I have felt a bit discombobulated, and I thought it would be a good theme for today.  

from Sherlock Holmes


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  1. Powerful music indeed. I can relate to discombobulation. Hope you have a better week.
    ~Naila Moon

  2. Great soundtrack

    That word makes me laugh discombobulated heheh!

    Hope your discombobulation disappears soon :-)

  3. Discombobulation is my middle name. Great freebie pick this week on Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend!

  4. Oh my being discombobulated isn't any fun. I'm sure you'll find your way soon. This really is kind of a fun song though don't you think? Have a great day my friend. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, it really is a fun song and a favorite, but on Friday when the head was the worst, it was totally as the song title suggested. Ha!

  6. Happy Monday Gorgeous! This is pretty cool!
    I love a three day weekend-now if only the kiddo wasn’t fighting off a cold!
    Hope this finds you doing super awesome and hopefully enjoying some rest and sunshine!
    Ciao ciao for now~
    P.S. Remember, TEEN WEEK starts Feb 1st and the giveaways are HUGE plus celeb written teen posts!

  7. That is awesome, Danielle! Now I want to watch the movie - I did buy the DVD, but have not yet watched're making me want to watch it *now*! :) Have a great week - glad you're feeling better! :)

    the Closer Phone Call is Mama’s Broken Heart – so you Better Dig Two

  8. Oh, very nice. I love listening to Soundtrack music. It's such a different feel then when you are hearing it while watching the movie.

  9. I haven't heard that word in a long long time :)

    Too fun! I love Sherlock!

    Aloha :)


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