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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marvelous Music Monday - Happy Memories 4Ms - February 25, 2013

This week's theme for the 4Ms hop is "Songs that  bring back  a good memory whether it be songs, commercial jingles, etc."

The first one brings back sweet memories of taking vacations with my grandparents when I was young.  I was musically educated with my grandfather's music.  We listened to plenty of Henry Mancini, so here is the Pink Panther Theme.

Now what other date comes to mind that makes everyone proud?  Perhaps Graduation Day?  I loved mine since my future husband was there watching on.  Then two more proud days of my life of when my first daughter graduated with a degree in Chemistry, and then more recently, my third daughter graduating with a degree in Applied Physics.

Pomp and Circumstance

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This week's theme: Music that brings back a good memory.

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  1. The Pink Panther theme always brings a smile to my face to me it represents creeping about LOL.

    Aww! at the Graduation Song it's very popular

    Have a fantabulosa week ;-)

  2. Henry Mancini wrote a lot of good music, but of all of his tunes I love the Pink Panther theme song. I always smile when I hear it.

    You're so right on the money with the Graduation March. That really does bring back fond memories.

    Wow, I just loved both of your feel good memory boosting tunes on Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend. You so rock!

  3. Pink Panther will always remind me of watching TV with ym dad; he loved that show.

  4. I've always LOVED the Pink Panther Theme Song - and the graduation song is perfect for memory evoking. :) Great choices! :)

    Livin’ On A Prayer because Girls Just Want To Have Fun You Oughta Know, with a Hand In My Pocket see the Evolution of Dance

  5. Pink Panther such a great one by a great composer and yes the Graduation song takes one back. Have a wonderful week :)

  6. Pink Panther I must say is one of my husband's favorites. The graduation tune I've heard four times from my children. I myself graduated on my own if ya know what I mean. Great choices my friend. Thanks for rockin' out with us!

  7. I loved Henry Mancini and the Pink Panther.
    I remember playing the graduation song and yes, nice memories.

  8. Ahh yes I love The Pink Panther!
    I could hear it anywhere and would run to go see it :)

    Very nice selections.

  9. Chemistry and Applied Physics - big wow! Congratulations to your daughters. Graduation times are usually wonderful events that make wonderful memories indeed. I enjoyed listening to The Pink Panther.


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