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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Serene Sunday - The Piano Guys - Nearer My God to Thee - March 3, 2013

Just a little relaxing music from the Piano Guys today.

Nearer My God to Thee

An arrangement for 9 Cellos

Here is what The Piano Guys said about this video-

We rolled the cameras in a place where they have rolled many times before -- Sundance, Utah. Steve has spent many summers there in a cabin built by his grandfather. It's also where he proposed to his wife (she said yes, by the way =) Such an incredible place of beauty and raw nature merited a piece of music that matched the setting. This arrangement of Nearer My God to Thee was the first song Steve and Al recorded together. It is based upon and inspired by an arrangement of James Stevens for 9 voices (arranged for the BYU singing group "Vocal Point"). For us music often is a spiritual experience -- a way to connect with others, with nature, and with a loving God. This video is not meant to exclude those that do not believe in God. We hope everyone can find beauty in this music and relate it to how they feel when they experience joy—whether it's joy from hiking in nature, spending time with family, serving others, or relaxing on a beach. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful and relaxing day!

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