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Friday, March 22, 2013

Silly Saturday - Clowning with Work - March 23, 2013

Clowning with Work

Here is what happens when you goof off too much at work

What happens when someone else goofs off at work

What happens when you work smarter, not harder

Seriously No Motivation to Work

I promised a riddle to someone.

What is it that God never sees,
What a king rarely sees,
And what we see every day?

Highlight for answer:
>> An Equal <<


  1. HA GOOD ONE! TOTALLY LOVE IT. I'm working on a Post now my daughter and I had some quality time yesterday to go see Oz the Great! It was totally fabulous, and what I won't say in my Post is we went at 12:45 when people were at work & kids were in school and guess what! We were the only ones in the theater!!! LOL Somehow it wasn't as exciting with everyone not gasping at the same time. :( Plus my daughter already seen it. Oh well, it was really good though. Oh, and the crosses I meant my uncle use to make them out of Palms. I make the bread too.

  2. Lol that wheely one is awesome. NOw I wish I worked in a place where I could do that. How much fun would that be? LOVE relax its only a fire!!! That is hysterical!!!!


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