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Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Lamb Hot Water Bottle - Review & Giveaway - ends 4/13 US

Here is a fun way to help your child's aches and pains this springs with a darling Lamb Hot Water Bottle from   I love using a hot water bottle instead of the old plug in heating pads, or trying to put together an ice pack.  Besides saving electricity, these hot water bottles are fun and cute to have around.

These hot water bottles are not the same as what grandma used to use.  These are fanciful thermoplastic hot water bottles which most come with a fun covering.  This darling cover takes the place of the towel that grandma covered her old rubber hot water bottle with. has a large assortment of hot water bottles which have such sweet USA made covers that entice children to use them.  Children ill or upset are more likely to cuddle up to a cute character that will provide a calm secure feeling - Works for grown ups too!

Why are these hot water bottles better than the ones that grandma used to use?  These bottles are not made of that old ugly smelly rubbery material, but of thermoplastic.  This German engineered thermoplastic was designed to hold the heat in for an extra long time - unlike other hot water bottles.  Thermoplastic is safe, odorless, recyclable and BPA and phtalate free.

This Lamb Hot Water Bottle is the second hot water bottler that we have received from  This soft fleecy lamb covers a 1L thermoplastic hot water bottle.  It's the perfect size for a child or teen.  Because of it's small size, it delivers the heat just in small patch that you want it.  Perfect for menstrual cramps as it doesn't heat a large area, just the area where it would hurt.

As I hear that it is still cold in some places, use a hot water bottle as a bed warmer, warm some cold feet that have been sloshing around in the rain or snow, or just cuddly up to one as you watch TV.

Does someone have a tummy ache or an ear ache?  Soothe yours or your child's stomach aches and ear aches with some soft warmth from a hot water bottle.  The fun plush characters will make your child want to snuggle up with.

As an cold pack! We have a cold in the house right now, and my youngest had a fever and a headache yesterday from it.  He had grabbed himself a makeshift ice pack, but the ice kept falling out.  I filled our new lamb hot water bottle with ice water and gave it to him.  It was great for a cold headache soother - just the right size, and no mess!

These hot water bottles are so wonderful to soothe muscle aches.  I don't know what I did the other day, but my back was going into little spasms.  I grabbed my Warm Tradition Fleece Pink Heart hot water bottle, filled it with hot tap water, sat and watched a movie.  By the end of the movie, my back ache was soothed, and I could go on with what I had to do (bake some bread).  The bottle was still warm after the two hour movie was over, too!

Another benefit? Hot water bottles are Eco-friendly!  Unplug from the power grid, and get the benefits of heat by using a Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottle, and save money at the same time!

I love my lamb hot water bottle from Warm Tradition.  Not only is it good for aches and pains, but it looks great with the rest of my Easter decor!  You can get this little lamb for under $20, and it adds a little warm fun to spring!

To find a hot water bottle that would be perfect for you, go to and see their whole selection.  Follow Warm Tradition on on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

With so many thanks to, one person is going to win one a Lamb Hot Water Bottle.  This giveaway will end on April 13, 2013, and open to US residents only.

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