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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ChiliCloud Coconut Gel X2 Pillow from Chili Technology - Review

My husband has been having a hard time sleeping lately.  He has tried melatonin, sleepy time teas, exhaustive exercise to no avail.  His usually uses two polyester fill pillows that I got him last year, but have since flattened as they are so prone to do.  I do have a contour memory foam pillow that I let him try it.  He didn't like the contours, and after five minutes, gave it back to me.  His tossing and turning all night has been keeping me awake, too.  I knew his sleep problem most likely stemmed from those pillows, so I did a search looking for something better for him.

What I found for him is a ChiliCloud Coconut Gel X2 Pillow from Chili Technology.  It is a big memory foam pillow with a layer of 3D gel on both sides of the pillow.  This pillow has really made a big change in my husband's sleeping habits.

What makes this pillow, the ChiliCloud Coconut Gel X2 Pillow, so different from other memory foam pillows?

The 3D gel keeps a person much cooler at night, and cooler is proven to help people sleep better.  The 3D gel is more deeply grooved to allow more cooling against the face.  Chili Technology sent us the Gel X2 pillow with the cooling 3D gel on both sides of the pillow that offers the ability to absorb and dissipate heat throughout the night.  This just means that if my husband feels like it in the night, he can turn the pillow over and get a cooler side.

This memory foam is made with real coconut oil, a renewable source, thus reducing the amount of petroleum the pillow is made with.  The Ecoscience memory foam has an open cell structure that allows the pillow to breathe thus keeping the sleeper cooler.  The memory foam is made for maximum support and comfort.

There are two covers over the pillow.  The inner cover is a permanent hypoallergenic jersey knit cover that will protect the 3D gel pads, and the other is a machine washable cover that is made of all-natural Tencel fiber.  My husband finds that this will keep the pillow warmer, and has opted to keep it off.

What we think of the pillow.  My husband loves his new pillow  It has kept him cooler at night, and has led to a deep sleep that he has not experienced in a long while.   Just one point that I would like to make about the pillow, it does need to air out a bit.  My husband has been using the pillow solidly for two weeks now, and only a light fragrance of coconuts emanating from the pillow, and it is quite nice.  My husband, a coconut fiend, loves the fragrance!

Chili Technology sells four different types of ChiliCloud Cooling Pillows.  Each has a bit of a different feature, but all are made with the coconut memory foam, and the prices range from $59 to $129, and all come with FREE shipping to customers in North America.

My husband won't sleep without this pillow now.  He has finally achieved a great night's sleep that he has not experienced in a long time.  Thank you Chili Technology for providing a better night's sleep for both of us.

Important Update on the ChiliCloud Pillow

It is now October of 2013, and the ChiliCloud Pillow has really been a disappointment to me.  The gel on one side of the pillow has detached itself, and it does not keep cool any longer.   I do NOT recommend this pillow for anyone.

I do very highly recommend the Technogel Pillow.  It is still a great pillow.  I have had it since April of 2012.

ChiliCloud Pillows are not the only cool bedding that Chili Technology provides.  Check out their website for their full line of cooling bedding products.  Keep up with the latest specials and news about Chili Technologies by following them on their blog - Cool All Night, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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