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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wordless Wedneday with Linky - Good Neighbors - April 17, 2013

Two days ago, we had a few slinky neighbors stop by for a visit.  One stayed a little longer than what he had originally planned, but that was his own fault.  Our friends were two gopher snakes.  One was much older than the first, and much smarter, too.

The first wanted to get snug under our house.  My husband has been fixing plumbing and had dug out from under our concrete slab to get to the bathroom plumbing, and he seemed very interested in checking out the hole.  My husband did not want to hire this fellow to help him do the work.  He was gently prodded to go somewhere else.

Now this little fellow below got himself into a "pickle" so to speak. When we were finished photographing the fellow above, we found another gopher snake.  Up by my garage I have a few grapevines which are protected from rabbits and other critters with 1/2" hardware cloth.  This fellow was much smaller and much more naive than his cousin that we just got done photographing.  He thought he could pass right through the fencing - probably could last year.   I took one photo of him, and left him alone.  I will cut out lizards that get stuck in the hardware cloth, but I am not going to risk cutting a snake out.  We checked on him in a few hours, and he was gone.

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