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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Infusium23 Review - Moisture Replenisher and Frizz Controller

I received samples of the following Infusium products for this review. 

I remember going to the beauty parlor with my mother and grandmother in Pasadena, California, to get my hair trimmed and permed.  Norman, the owner, always stocked his parlor with the latest beauty supplies.  I remember one year, seeing Infusium23 on his shelves in the front windows.  I didn't know it then, but Infusium 23 would become one of the biggest names in hair care.

I was recently sent two different collections of Infusium23 to review: the Moisture Replenisher Collection and the Frizz Controller Collection.  Both were perfect for me since living in a dry desert, my hair can get dry and brittle all year round.   The hair around my face is so curly, that it gets frizzy with all the dry air.  For a few weeks now, the family and I have been using both of the collections.

I have been using the Infusium23 Moisture Replenisher Collection since the day that I have gotten it.  The Moisture Replenisher is supposed to leave hair soft, silky, and deeply replenished.  I can testify to the fact, that it really does just that!  My hair used to so dry, especially at the ends.  It just felt terrible.  My hair feels and looks rich once more.  There is a soft shine when I look at it in the mirror.  Makes me feel so much more prettier.

The shampoo really cleans my hair so well.  It is formulated to cleanse hair and remove residue and build-up.  It will nourish hair from the roots to the tips.  I am amazed at how little I need to use even on my long hair that goes halfway down my back.

The conditioner has made my hair silky soft.  The Infusium23 Moisture Replenisher Conditioner is formulated to give your hair softness, manageability, and shine.  It will replenish the moisture to your dry parched hair.   I leave it on for a full two minutes before I rinse it off.  I feel like I am getting a deep conditioning treatment each time I use it.   I really see and feel a difference to the old conditioner that I was using.

The leave-in treatment is a dream for me.  This leave-in treatment will go right into the cuticle of your hair to help restore moisture that your hair has lost and will protect hair against more dryness.  I have never gotten a leave-in conditioner before.  I can really feel the difference using it.  Before using, combing my hair after a shower and in the morning was a time consuming chore.  Now it's easy to do and the comb goes through my hair so easily.  It has lead to less breakage as I see less hair in the comb when I am through.  The fly-away hair that would always bug me by getting into my eyes has considerably diminished since I started using this.

I asked my daughter, Kiara, and my husband to use the Infusium 23 Frizz Controller Collection exclusively to see how it works with their hair.   They both have a very thick strands of hair that come from my husband's Greek heritage, and it tends to get frizzy.  This collection is supposed to help tame and smooth frizz-prone, distressed hair.

They both liked how the shampoo really left their hair feeling deep down clean.  My husband liked the rich thick creaminess of the shampoo.  As with the Moisture Replenisher Shampoo, this Frizz Controller Shampoo, will strip hair of all the icky residues and build-ups that really leaves hair just looking dull.  It is designed to nourish your hair from the roots to the tips while helping to tame that frizz.

I told my daughter to leave the Frizz Controller Conditioner on her hair for the two minutes as recommended to deeply condition her hair and lock out that frizz that bothers her so much.  I can see the difference in my daughter's hair, and I love feeling the difference in my hubby's hair.   It's nice seeing their hair looking much smoother that what it has been looking.

Now, Kiara really likes having the leave-in treatment for her hair.  Her hair is even longer than mine.  She usually piles it into a braided bun everyday because of the frizziness of it.  With the Infusium23 Leave-In Treatment, she feels more confident to go out with her hair just down.  This leave-in treatment also makes her hair much more easier to brush out.  It is so much more silkier than it ever has been before.

All those years ago, I remember seeing the Infusium 23 on those beauty parlor shelves when I was little.  I am so happy that I have it now, and it has become our hair care of choice.  We all love how our hair looks and feels.  Our hair is getting is such great condition!  It is so easy to find for it is sold nationwide most major retail stores, groceries, and drug stores.

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