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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Marvelous Music Monday 4Ms - Surfin' USA - May 20, 2013

This week's theme for the music hop is Summer Songs.  Being a California girl, what's my first thought when I think of summer - the beach!  Well, I have lots of sand around me, but the beach is around 100 miles away.  We are waiting for the big one.  Then we will have beach front property, and go on out and catch some waves!

Surfin' USA
The Beach Boys

Here's a classic surfing song that will get you dancing by the Surfaris
Wipe Out!

Let's have one more Beach Boys song:
Surfin' Safari

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This week's theme is Summer Songs, so have fun sharing some great music with us!

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  1. Nothin says summer like the infamous "Beach Boys"! Great choices/songs my friend! Ya done good! ROCK ON and have a melodious day!

  2. Fab The Beach Boys along with Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons was my favourite groups at the time, excellent choices for summertime :-)

  3. I always found it strange how being in a land locked state, Colorado, that during the summer we have all the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean music and lots of crazy guys in surf trunks and Hawaiian shirts.

    Here's my link

  4. I absolutely LOVE your choices, Danielle! Who can't think summer with any of those? Perfection! :)

    just Jump Right In and Beat This Summer because it’s so Easy in a Pontoon

  5. I was wondering who was going to break out the Beach Boys. They exude Summer.
    Great stuff.
    ~Naila Moon

  6. Oh my goodness I feel like I should be near water right now! I'm missing out on sunshine and sand I tell you. :)

  7. I want to go to the beach in such a bad way. My kids want to also!
    Thanks for rocking with us. have a blessed week!

  8. At last, I'm here to dance with you (I've been in the hospital). I just love all of your oldies - great summertime picks! I finally got my 4M post up this morning. Feel free to hop over to my place as the mood hits you. Have a fab week!

  9. hey we both choose wipe out how cool


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