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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Serene Sunday - Home - The Piano Guys - May 19, 2013

The Piano Guys came out with another new song this past week, "Home."

"Home" was filmed outside town of Springdale, Utah bordering Zion National Park while the Piano Guys are taking a break from their tour.  They had some fun with the cattle during the filming of this video as the cattle did not like the sound of the piano, but did like the "mooing" of the cello.  The Piano Guys will have a  cello cow call video coming soon.  Sounds like great fun!

"Home" is a bit of a take off of the Largo theme from Antonín Dvořák's "New World Symphony" and "Going Home."

Have a serene and peaceful Sunday full of tranquility. 

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  1. hahaha The cow one does sound like fun! Sure hope you Post that one two. I loved listening to your piano guys here on Sunday morn with my coffee. I sure needed that. Thank you my friend. I'll be gone all week until Friday, but will be peeking in from time to time. Don't miss me too much. HUGS ps I prescheduled my Posts.


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