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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marvelous Music Monday 4Ms Music Hop - Wedding Music - July 22, 2013

My daughter's and my newly christened son's wedding was just a dreamy occasion.  For the reception, my daughter chose songs and music that she and her beloved likes.  As I have said previously, they really love Japanese music along with instrumental, classical, and the oldies (Dean Martin).  This is the kind of music that was chosen.

I have included some pictures, but our camera just wasn't taking the pictures too well.  I think we need a new lens.  I can hardly wait to see the pro photos.

Off on the Honeymoon to Florida

The song for their first dance was "See You Again" from the ending credits of Studio Ghibli's Robot Carnival, a waltz.

I really wish this photo did not turn out so blurry because I loved it when I saw them kiss during their dance. 

The music that Dad and my daughter danced to was "Sayonara no Natsu" (Summer of Goodbye) from Studio Ghibli's latest From Up on Poppy HillI, and sung by Aoi Tashima.  Click here if you are interested in reading the lyrics in English. (I posted this song in the instrumental version for yesterday's Serene Sunday.)

This is the music that the hubby and I danced to:
 "Kaze ni Naru" (I Become the Wind) from Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns.  It is such a cute whimsical song with the ukelele.  Click here if you're interesting in the English lyrics.

Here is the DJ, Anthony Robinson, for the reception.  He said he never had to play a list of songs like this before.  We told him he got a musical education that day.  He replied downheartedly, "I guess so."

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  1. Nice mix and new to me, sounds like you all had a blast
    Congrats to the happy couple :-)

    1. We did have lots of fun! I will pass on your congrats. Thanks, Steve.

  2. Great freebie selections! Naturally all new-to-me, but I enjoyed the sound. I bet the reception was a lot of fun and with the interesting, unique song arrangement then I'm sure no one will forget it, either. Good job to daughter & her husband! And, congrats on your newest addition to the family. May God bless their union!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Her hubby is an excellent man.

  3. I have heard this before and it is beautiful. I can't say I recognized the song until hearing it though. Congrats to your daughter and new son in-law. I'm sure it was joyous. Happy Monday.

  4. Those are all new to me, too - but I sure enjoyed them! Congrats to your daughter and newly minted son-in-law! ;)

    Tie It Up with True Love because it’s Sunny and 75 but I Hope It Rains!

  5. Congrats to all.
    The music is quite beautiful. For sure I enjoy this.

  6. Oh wow, great pics and super songs. Lovin grandfather/daughter dance? OMG I'd been blubbering all over the place. Too cute! CONGRATS TO THE NEWLY WEDS! Now you know I want more pics!!! These are just teasers! hehehehe Thanks for joining us.

  7. That's a nice mix for a wedding. A little something for everyone I think, which is great. their first dance choice is very lovely.

  8. What a beautiful post and occasion.
    Congrats to your loves and thank you for sharing.


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