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Friday, July 5, 2013

Silly Saturday - July 6, 2013

Today, we are still wheeling it across the country, but I still want you to have some laughs on me.

A guy had been working all his adult life to be more. To make more. He was never the success his family wanted. He'd work a 60 hour week and still he’d only get small promotions, always passed over for the big ones. Every night, he’d come come and his wife would tell him how “The So and So’s” had a bigger house or how other people’s kids were could afford elite colleges - why not theirs??

Then one day, it all fell apart. The job he was all set for, that one that would have “fixed everything”, was filled by the boss’ 24 year old son. When he went home, feeling down and breaking the news, his wife announced that she was leaving him - for his best (and more successful) friend.

Despondent, he decided to give it all up. No more chasing the brass ring. His family was gone, so why not?

He decided to join a monastery and live a simple life. When meeting Brother Superior, he found that this was all that he wanted. A life with no pressure. Work was rewarded with a basic room and good, solid food. In exchange, all the monastery asked was a vow of silence. “But”, the brother advised, “once a year you will be allowed to say two words.”

“Easy”, thought the man. “Time to myself and to reflect is just what I need”.
And so the first year went by in a flash. He was called into the Brother Superior’s office and advised now was the time he could say his two words. “Food cold”, the man said. “I see.”, said the brother. “I will make a note of that. See you next year.”

The second year went by as fast as the first. The man was again called in for his “two words”. This time, the man said “Bed hard”. “I see.”, said the brother. “I will make a note of that. See you next year.”

The third year went by, and the man was in the Brother Superior’s Office. “OK, brother. It’s again time for your two words. What are they?” asked the Brother Superior. “I quit!”, said the man. The brother superior looked up from his notes and said , “You know, I am not surprised. It’s been complain, complain, complain ever since you got here !!!!”

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