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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Make a Statement with Levenger True Writer Rollerball Pens - Review

I received the Levenger True Writer Rollerball pen, Kyoto, in exchange for my honest opinion.

There is one thing I must carry in my purse at all times, and that is a pen.  There is one problem to that though, I must have a pen that is bold, exciting, and makes me feel like a million bucks when I bring it out of my purse to sign something, or just to write a note to myself.  I like making a statement with the instrument that I am writing with!

Photo source: Levenger Facebook

When I was contacted to do a review for a product from Levenger, I was in seventh-heaven when I saw what lovely pens they had to offer.  Each is a unique work of art.  There are pens at Levenger that will appeal to every personality - male or female.  Levenger carries fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and, what I chose, rollerball pens, all in the look and feel of luxury.

The True Writer Kyoto pen that I received is so luxurious, too!  The colors just swirl in its marbled mosaic appearance boasting the brightness of turquoise, lavender, espresso, and caramel.  The pen is highlighted with chrome clip and bands.  I know when I write with this pen, it will impress all who see it.

The size of the barrel is also a great plus with me.  It isn't just an ugly stick of plastic to try to hold onto.  The Kyoto has a medium sized diameter that fits my hand perfectly, and I can grip it well.  The weight is perfect, too.  It's has a medium weight, too, which isn't too light, but not too heavy.  With the weight that is has, I know it's not going to go flying out of my hand if I gesture while talking (which I am known to do, and have had some stupid stick pens go flying across the room).

The ink just flows so smoothly from the rollerball pen.  It just feels as though your writing just glides onto the paper.  Rollerball ink differs from ballpoint pen ink as it is a water-soluble liquid ink versus the ballpoint, which is viscous oil based ink.  The rollerball ink flows more easily, absorbs into the paper well, and makes writing much easier as you don't have to press down as hard.  This pen is refillable, and rollerball refills are easily obtained from Levenger.  My True Writer Rollerball Kyoto pen just floats across the paper.

I know that we live in a computer age where the use of pens is almost becoming outdated, but there are still plenty of uses.  I still write out birthday cards, and using an elegant pen with sumptuous ink makes the cards I send much more impressive.

Having a party?  A handwritten invitation is sure to please your guests.  I had a little Tea Party and Dinner just recently, and my guest were all impressed with the fine lines this pen writes.   They absolutely loved the invitations I sent out, and I know they were all jealous of my new pen.

I love tucking little love notes into my hubby's lunch.  Sweet handwritten notes will always bring some love back to you.  The True Writer Rollerball pen made this note a breeze to write. 

Christmas is almost upon us, and it will be time to send out the Christmas cards once again.  I am a stickler at getting my cards out every year.  And speaking of the holidays, a Rollerball pen from Levenger would make a great gift!

A pen from Levenger comes in a handsome gift box all ready to be wrapped for gift giving. Surprise someone with a fine pen from Levenger as a birthday present or for Christmas.

I am very happy to recommend to you Levenger Rollerball Pens - for yourself or for a gift.  I am quite impressed with my True Writer Rollerball Pen.  Pens are not the only item that Levenger sells.  Check out their full line of stationary products.  For reading, thinking, or expressing your creativity, you will find what you need at

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