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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Theatrical Thursday - Coming Home for Christmas - Review & Giveaway - ends 11/10

I received the following DVD in exchange for my honest opinions. 

Here is a sweet Christmas movie for you all: Coming Home for Christmas.  This movie premiered on DVD on October 29, 2013, and is available now!  It stars Carly McKillip (Hot Rod), Britt McKillip (Dead Like Me), Amy Jo Johnson (Flashpoint, Felicity), and George Canyon (Christmas Miracle, Dawn Rider, Man of Steel).

Sisters Kate and Melanie haven’t spoken to each other in years since a hurtful scene at Melanie’s wedding. Their parents, Wendy and Al, have let the pain of their daughters’ absence drive a wedge between them, and their tensions have led to a separation. Kate is determined to reunite the entire family for Christmas, and has the perfect spot… their old family home. The only problem is there’s someone else living there now.

We had a great time watching this movie.  It is a TV type movie that came out on DVD.  It's the story of how one woman's family is just falling apart, and she wants to get everyone back together again.  She had a realization that family means so much to her.  She wants so much to have a family Christmas back in the same home that her family had when she was a child - to relive and revive the sweet Christmas feelings that held them together so long ago.  When she does visit the house, she meets the current occupant of the home - a dashing and handsome young man named Mike (Ben Hollingsworth) who she just can't help but fall for.

I would rate this movie 4 our of 5 stars.  I do recommend that you watch this movie, and believe that if you love family as much as my family and I do, you will enjoy this picture.  I see nothing wrong with the message that "Family Means Everything" because it does!  It is wonderful to see someone really selflessly care about their family so much and want to keep it together.  Cute little pieces of fun and humor, happy ending, completely bad language free, a quality family movie with good ol' fashioned Christmas songs intertwined.  This is a wholesome family movie!

Coming Home for Christmas is available right now.  Included with the DVD is a Bonus copy of Coming Home for Christmas from the VUDU Movie Service.  This movie can be purchased at Amazon for only $9.96,  and it qualifies for FREE Super Saver Shipping.  Yet, right now, it is temporarily out of stock, but you're lucky - two people can get a copy from me!


Two copies of Coming Home for Christmas has been set aside for two readers of my blog!  This giveaway ends on November 16, 2013, and is open to US residents only.

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