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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - Halloween Pumpkins - October 23, 2013

 We went Pumpkin Hunting yesterday!

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  1. Those are a couple of weird ones in there. Never saw anything like those before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely photos. We hit up our local patch a few weeks ago :)

  3. We went to the local pumpkin patch this weekend. They had less pumpkins than yours had but we had a blast.

  4. Pumpkins and more pumpkins! Great shots Danielle! Thanks for hosting.

  5. I used to go to the pumpkin patch all the time for my son and nieces birthdays which were one day apart in October.
    I love picking out just the right ones.

    1. Actually, this lot was pretty blah compared to what I see on other bloggers' posts. I guess back East, with the fields and the real farms, it must be better. Being in a desert, all I get is a dirt lot, covered with some hay, and pumpkins baking in the sun.

  6. Something we have yet to do, hopefully this weekend... thanks for hosting

  7. Oh I love a good pumpkin patch! Those images came out great. Thank you for stopping by and linking up.


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