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Monday, November 4, 2013

MicroTouch One Safety Razor: Timeless and Classic Yet So Very Modern - Holiday Gift Guide Review

I received The One Classic Razor by Micro Touch package to facilitate with this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

My husband has been dissatisfied with the selection of razors for I don't know how long.  The disposable double blades are never sharp enough for his whiskers.  He has tried triple, quadruple, and quintuple bladed razors.  He has never been truly happy with any of them.  When we are shopping for new blades, he always complains that all these fancy multi-blade razors never give him a good shave, and the prices are just getting outrageous. 

It was over 10 years ago now that while looking for razor blades replacements, I came across a package of double edged safety razor blades which were really inexpensive.  I asked my husband about them, and he told me that you can't buy those safety razors anymore.  I went online when we got home, and sure enough, all I could find were ancient used safety razors.  The idea was then forgotten until just a month ago...

How delighted I was when I was contacted to do a review of the classic and timeless safety razor: the MicroTouch ONE.  My husband was quite happy when I told him I was getting him one.  He told me that he fondly remembers his father using one when he was a boy, and how much his father liked that razor.

When it arrived, I loved the expression on my husband's face - look of quiet wonder.  The MicroTouch One came in a handsome traveling case and 24 blades.  The razor, itself, is made of solid brass that is chrome plated to a mirror finish that gives the razor a stately charm.  I like the mirror in the case which will be so handy when traveling.  The razor feels good in my husband's hand - it is just the perfect weight.

As for the shave that the MicroTouch ONE provides, here's how my husband explained it to me.  A safety razor is a bit different to shave with.  With a multi-blade razor, my husband would take quick little swipes, two to three times, in the same area.  He found that with the MicroTouch ONE, he only needs to shave an area once, a bit slower, and he achieves a perfect smooth shave.  And believe me, it is a very smooth feel.  When I glided my fingers over his face, it was so smooth and soft.  The smoothness under my fingers told me that the MicroTouch ONE gave my husband the best shave he has had for years!

I never knew how easy it was for a man to use a safety razor.  All a man needs to do is screw open the top by twisting on the bottom of the handle.  The MicroTouch ONE has a "butterfly" opening which is made to be easy to insert a new blade and to effectively clean all soap and whiskers after each shave.

To clean the razor and preserve the life of the blade, carefully take the blade out by the blunt sides, and then rinse under water.  Then carefully replace the blade in the shaver.  Remember, those blades are sharp!  By cleaning after each shave, the blades will last longer, and that saves money.

Did you know that professional barbers still prefer to shave their clients with a single blade?  That's right!  My husband is hooked on this razor.  Not only is he getting a great shave, but he really likes that we are saving money on blades.  I challenge you to go look around at your local store or online and see how much of a savings it is to use a safety razor.  The safety razor has been giving men great shaves inexpensively for over 100 years!

The MicroTouch ONE Classic Safety Razor is only available online at for only $19.99 plus S&H.  Here's what else is included with the razor for free: 12 blades and a hard shelled travel case.  If you wish, you could order extra blades for only a little extra shipping and handling at the time of purchase.

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars says, "The best shave of your life!"

My husband gladly recommends the MicroTouch ONE Safety Razor and says, "It's a clean gliding shave."

The MicroTouch ONE Safety Razor would make someone a great holiday gift!

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