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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do You Fatige Easily? Have No Energy? Can't Concentrate? Perhaps You Need an Iron Supplement - Spatone Pur-Absorb Iron - Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Have you ever walked around in a daze thinking to yourself, "I need to get something done.  I came in here for something.  What was it?"  Or, you find you just can't seem to concentrate.   Perhaps you have no energy, get tired to quickly or are constantly fatigued.  These could be signs that you need an iron supplement.  Did you know that iron is an essential mineral for the human body, required to transport oxygen and support energy release.  Iron plays a key role in maintaining a healthy immune system and increased cognitive function for sustained concentration.

I have been taking iron supplements since I first began to menstruate.  Even with having a hysterectomy, I still need to take an iron supplement.  Why? Because I get fatigued, I lose energy, and most of all, I lose the ability to concentrate on things that need to get done.  Taking an iron supplement each day keeps me on my toes, energetic, gives me the ability to concentrate and write good reviews. Plus, I don't get tired towards the end of the day, and I get a better night's sleep.

If you are currently taking iron, you might think that all iron supplements are the same.  Let me tell you, they are not!  It can be quite confusing when you look at the main source of the iron: ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumerate, or ferrous gluconate.  I have tried them all, and for me, personally, I have always preferred ferrous gluconate.   I usually shop at my local health food store for it.   Here it is below:

This iron supplement that I take has only 25mg and is 139% of my daily value.  Do I absorb it all -- NO!  According to the Institute of Medicine, the iron absorption rate is only 18%.  This means that out of that 25mg tablet, I am only absorbing about 4.5mg of iron.  Around 80% of menstruating women require only 2mg of absorbed iron daily.  Many iron supplements you find at drug stores contain 65mg.  If you are taking an iron supplement with 65mg, you have 53mg of excess iron in your system that can lead to side effects.

With all that excess iron, sometimes I get constipated.  Yes, one of the problems with ingesting too much iron is constipation, and other side effects are bloating, cramping, stomach irritation, nausea, and vomiting.  When side effects occur, I know I need to skip a day of iron.  This happens about once a week.

Is there an easier, more gentler way of taking an iron supplement?  I am happy to say that there is!  For a few weeks now, I have been taking Spatone pur-Absorb 100% natural liquid iron.  All it is is spring water! This iron-rich mineral water naturally occurs and comes from the Trefriw Well Spa located in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales. It is collected, filtered for bacteria, and then packaged.

Photo credit: pur-Absorb Facebook page
There is nothing added to this pure spring water.  Pure-Absorb is packaged in little "sachets" of 5mg doses.  Because of the ferrous sulfate iron being a naturally occurring mineral in the water, the absorption rate is much higher than a traditional pill.  Pur-Absorb has a clinically proven high absorption rate of 40% (2mg).  This only leaves 3mg of excess iron in your system, and that means it's much gentler on you, with hardly any side effects.

Clean pure iron-rich spring water in each sachet

Take it with OJ!
Since it is pure spring water, it is easy to take.  Because of the iron richness of the water, if you take it by itself - which you can - it can leave an iron tang in your mouth.  It is recommended that you take pur-Absorb with orange juice on an empty stomach in the morning.  Drinking it with OJ is the best choice.  Besides having the vitamin C in the orange juice, which helps in the absorption of iron, the OJ will masks nearly all of the metallic taste.  I did drink it straight one morning, and got that full metallic flavor.  I ended up eating some crystallized ginger to cleanse my palate.  I do take pur-Absorb with OJ every morning, and with the orange juice, I have absolutely no problems with an iron tang in my mouth.

As for how I feel now?  The very first day that I took Pure-Absorb, I went for a hike, and did some rock climbing.  I was full of energy, felt great, and my mind was quick!  Ever since then, I have felt fine, and with no side effects.

Pur-Absorb Iron Supplement comes to us from Nelsons, a 150 year old privately owned company and the UK's largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products.  Curt Finckler, Nelsons Marketing Director, says, "With 80% of the world's population suffering from some degree of iron-deficiency, we are excited to offer this easy to use, low dose, high absorption iron option."  Spatone pur-Absorb is currently the number one selling iron supplement in the U.K.

If you, as a woman, feel fatigued all the time, can't concentrate, and lose energy quickly once you start a task,  you may be iron poor, make an appointment with your doctor.  Only your doctor can tell you if you need an iron supplement. If an iron supplement is recommended, I recommend you trying Spatone pur-Absorb Iron - it's a gentle dose + clinically proven high absorption = less side effects.

You can purchase Spatone pur-Absorb at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Whole Foods, and drug stores nationwide.   It is sold in packs of 28 - 5mg packets for a SRP of $19.95.   To find more information on Spatone pur-Absorb, visit their website or connect and converse with pur-Absorb on Facebook.

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