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Friday, December 6, 2013

Harney & Sons Fine Teas - Special Gifts for Christmas - Review

I received the HT Holiday Duo Gift mentioned below for free in the hopes that I would mention it on my blog from Harney and Sons Fine Teas. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

Since I have never been a coffee drinker, to me, there is nothing more satisfying than a good cup of tea.  Whenever my husband and I see a new brand at the store, we buy it.  A few months ago, while shopping at Target, my husband and I stumbled across a new tea that we had not seen before: Harney and Sons: HT Teas.  There is quite a variety of HT Teas available at Target, and I wanted to try more.  I was quite thrilled that Harney and Sons Fine Teas sent me their HT Holiday Duo to review.

Attractively gift packaged, the HT Holiday Duo will make a perfect gift for a tea lover.  The two teas included are Holiday and White Christmas.

Here is one black tea that will be a hit for the holidays, this black tea (caffeinated), with its medium to full bodied tea with hand picked full leaf black teas blended with cloves, cinnamon, safflowers, orange peel, vanilla, and almond flavor.  The Holiday Tea is quite satisfying.  The feeling of Christmas and all the joy that surrounds it rings forth with this flavor combination.  Each sip is such a delight.   This is definitely the best holiday spiced black tea that I have yet to find.

The other tea contained in the Holiday Duo is based on a Muton White (caffeinated) tea.  The White Christmas Tea is a masterpiece created by a third generation of the Harney family.  The white tea is blended with cardamom, almond, vanilla, and accented with white chamomiles.  Magical aromas waft up from your cup: nut aromas from almonds, spice from cardamom, and sweet creaminess from vanilla.  It is suggested to mix this with amaretto, but I love it with pure organic cane sugar and a bit of half-n-half.

There are hundreds of different blends of teas available at  I am so happy to have found this brand at Target.  Here are just a few of the teas that we have been delighted to find at Target.

Here is our favorite: HT English Breakfast tea.  With our first sip of this tea we were hooked.  The fine blend of Ceylon and Kenyan teas offers a medium full-bodied flavor that does contain caffeine.  The HT English Breakfast Tea has a malt aroma with flavor hints of toast and honey.   It is definitely a different flavor from all other English Breakfast teas that we have tasted.  Every morning, we start our day with this one.

Here is a holiday harvest time blend that we have found at Target: HT Pumpkin Spice.   The base of the HT Pumpkin Spice Tea is rooibos from South Africa.  It's ingredients are rooibos, natural pumpkin flavor, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.  Because it's base is rooibos, there was never any caffeine in this tea.  I enjoy this almost daily each evening.  It is a perfect tea to end the day with.  I will miss it when the holidays are over.

 Whenever I feel a bit nauseous, and with all of the morning sickness I had with my pregnancies, I have always reached for peppermint tea.  It soothes my tummy, sinuses, and headaches.  When I ran out of my old brand of peppermint herbal, I decided to grab a can of the HT Peppermint Herbal caffeine free tea.  From the first moment you open the can and take a whiff of this tea, the first thought that crosses your mind is: "Is this tea or candy?"  It's aroma is such a heavenly sweet peppermint.  I have found that Harney only uses peppermint leaves from Oregon, and they are the only ones to use USA grown peppermint for their tea.  This tea has a very brisk taste of mint, and is very delicious!  So much better than the other brand I used to buy.

Here is a new flavor my husband came home with just two nights ago: HT Chocolate Mint.  It is a blend of Chinese black tea flavored with peppermint leaves, chocolate extract, with a hint of vanilla.  My husband loves this tea, and the aroma is so very sweet.

We love the flavor of Harney tea so much, that both my husband and myself recommend it.  This year was the launch of working with Target, and getting HT on the shelves of over 1600 Target stores.  You will probably find it at a Target near you.

Holiday Gift Idea for a Tea Lover
 Do you know of a tea lover that would delight in a gift of tea for the holidaysThe HT Holiday Duo would make your tea lover the perfect present!  It would be perfect present for a teacher, a hostess at a holiday party, as an emergency or last minute gift - tea is a great gift for anyone!  The HT Holiday Duo contains both the Holiday and the White Christmas teas, two of their best sellers, all wrapped up elegantly with a bow.   It is modestly priced at $21.  

There are many tea gifts available at  Here you will find a large selection of gourmet tea gifts with enough variety to please everyone. From gifts with teapots and loose tea to sachets and cookies, all of our gifts are elegant. Best of all, they are sure to be appreciated. A cup of tea is the perfect gift!

Shop for a great gift at Harney & Sons Fine Teas - Master Tea Blenders.  Connect and converse with by following them on Facebook, Twitter - @HarneyTea, and Pinterest.

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