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Monday, December 30, 2013

Master Caster's Problem Solving Products Available at - Review

The following Master Caster products were provided to me from in order for me to facilitate an honest review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless, all thoughts are my own honest opinions!

Have you ever had a little something that bothered you, and you didn't think that there may be a solution to?  How about trying to play with your smart phone in cold weather and your fingertips are freezing?  Or you at that age or know of someone older, that has a problem moving the mouse around because of some joint pain?  Got scratches on that desk or any other wood furniture that you just can't seem to get rid of?  Master Caster has those problems solved, and you can conveniently get those Master Caster Problem Solving Products for a great deal at!

I was asked to review three interesting Master Caster products from  Each of these products solved a different problem for different people in our home.  We all really appreciate for letting us review these fabulous products.

I guess I really don't know what cold is until you have to go out in it and fool with your smart phone.  My daughter, who is currently attending grad school at Oklahoma University, got a real taste of it this year.  With it being 25 degrees during the day, she found it was a little difficult to do things on her smart phone.  She had bought some dollar store gloves, and cut the tips of the fingers off, but that didn't solve the problem of her fingers still getting cold.  Luckily for her, one of the items that I was asked to review were the Master Caster SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber Gloves.  These gloves have kept her hands and fingers warm, and she can still get to all she needs to on her smart phone!

These dual action gloves are safe to use on all touch screens.  They are dual action because while they keep your hands cozy and warm, they are also a microfiber cleaning cloth that will keep your touch screen clean.  It's perfectly safe for your screen, and will not scratch it.  The are washable and reusable.  At, you can purchase these gloves for a mere $6.95 - What a deal!  My daughter doesn't go anywhere now without these gloves.

Here's a problem that I get.  About five or six years ago, some idiot nurse didn't put an IV in my wrist correctly, and I got an infiltrated IV.  It did tissue and nerve damage on my right wrist.  It has healed, but sometimes it can just bother me.  Trying to move the mouse around and hitting the edge of the desk, or if I am working with the laptop, the edge of the table exacerbates the problem.  The second item I got to review from is the Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest.  I never knew there was such an item as this!

The Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest is providing relief for when my wrist starts aching.  It's soft cushiony top is so nice to relax my wrist on.  To provide the movement, it has four independent rollers on the bottom to allow smooth rolling in any direction.  I don't need to lift my wrist going back and forth from the mouse to the keyboard.  At, the Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest is only $9.96.  That's really not much compared to the relief my aching wrist is receiving.

Do you have any furniture that needs a little touch up work?  I have a beautiful antique upright piano that used to belong to my departed in-laws.  It does have some nicks and scratches that I have had to live with.  I was so pleased to see the Master Caster ReStor-It Furniture Touch-Up Kit included in this review from  I have always wanted to try a repair kit, but have always forgotten to buy one (other things on the mind that were more important that this - you know how it goes).  This kit came with five different wood colored touch-up markers and three filler sticks that are something like a crayon.  I found them so easy to use.

Above is the picture of the left leg of my piano.  As you can see it is a bit scruffed up.  I looked through the markers and found the color that I needed - Walnut/Dark Mahogany.  To the left you can see that it worked very well in getting rid of the scruff marks.  I am very happy with the results.  In the normal lighting of the room, you can see absolutely no trace of any scratch marks.  The Master Caster ReStor-It Furniture Touch-Up Kit is a great bargain at for only $9.81 for the whole kit.

Thank you,, for giving us the opportunity to test out and review these great Master Caster Problem Solving products!

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