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Friday, December 13, 2013

Silly Saturday - Time for Fun and Laughs - December 14, 2013

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Time once again for fun and laughs!

Sally walked into the dentist office to make an appointment.  
"How much do you charge to pull out a tooth?" she asked.
"It's $130," was the prompt reply.
"$130!" gasped Sally, "that's ridiculous!  There must be a way for you to go cheaper."
"Well," said the dentist thoughtfully, "I suppose if we don't numb it, we could knock off $30."
"Only $30?" countered Sally.  "That's still $100.  You've got to make it cheaper."
"Well," said the dentist after a long pause, "I suppose if we take it out with a wrench we could knock it down to $50."
"Perfect," said Sally happily.  "I would like to make an appointment for next Tuesday - for my husband, Jack."

Found at an Air Force bone yard near Phoenix
The first stealth fighter.
Or did Wonder Woman park her plane here?


Pessimist: Things can't get worse than this!

Optimist: Yes, it can!


Brian hit rock bottom.  He was going to jail for insider trading and it couldn't get much worse than that.

As the jail warden brought Brian to his cell, Brina's worst fears were materialized.  Sitting hunched over on a bed was his soon to be room mate.  He was a hunk of a man wearing a sleeveless undershirt, with vicious looking tattoos on each arm.

As Brian approached the prison cell, the giant looked up at him and said in a deep booming voice, "Hey man, what did you do to get yourself in here?"

"White collar crime," responded Brian nervously.

Hey man, how about that? Me, too," the giant said.

"Phew," said Brian feeling his body relaxing.  "To be honest, I got a bit nervous when I saw you."

"Nah," responded the giant waving his hand, "what's there to be nervous about?  So tell me," questioned the giant, "How many priests did you kill?"

You Are a Bright Christmas Tree
For you, the holidays are all about fun and seasonal favorites.
You are into all things Christmas, even if they're a little tacky.

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