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Monday, January 13, 2014

MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale in Red - Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I love having a good scale in our kitchen.  I like having one that is accurate, not bulky, and easy to get to and put away.   There are several reasons why I like to weigh out things.   We bake our own bread, and when we do, it is always three loaves.  Not weighing out the dough, we get three loaves of different sizes.  Another reason is that we like to grind our own beef.  I like to have 1.5 pound vacuum sealed packages to throw into the freezer.  I really dislike trying to eyeball the bread dough, or to feel the weight of the ground beef by hand.  I really want a good kitchen scale to help me out.

I was recently sent the MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale to review.  This scale is really a nice size.  It is not large and bulky, and so easy to find a place to store it away when not in use.  It has an extra large easy-to-read digital back-lit display which is so easy to read.  The top is red tempered glass that is just so pretty, and really complements my kitchen.  Plus, the strong tempered glass top is quite easy to keep clean and keep those germs away.

The buttons on the glass top are touch sensitive with nothing that can trap food or germs.  It is so easy to operate.  With just a touch of a finger, the scale turns on.  Touch the on/off button once more to tare the scale to zero, and you are ready to weigh.

There are four ways to weigh on the MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale - pounds/ounces, kilograms/grams, fluid ounces, and milliliters (ml).  All you have to do is touch the "unit" button on the right to set the scale to the measurement that you wish.

I think the function that I like best is that I can measure out liquid to the correct ounce or ml for a recipe.  The other day, I could not find the 1/8 measuring cup.  All I did was bring out the MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, set the scale to ounces, set the cup on the scale, touch the tare button to cancel out the weight of the cup and bring the scale to zero, and start pouring in the liquid.  It accurately measured the amount of liquid I needed for my recipe.  If I had needed ml, all one needs to do is touch the "unit" button once more, and the scale is set to ml.

Both my husband and I really like having a scale to weigh out the foods that we want accuracy with.  The MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is a quality scale that is accurate, a time saver, and easy to store.

If you want accuracy in your kitchen, then the MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is definitely for you.  Not only does this scale come in red, but in a variety of colors to complement your kitchen: black, blue, white, gray, and light brown.  Another great feature to this scale is the price.  Available at Amazon, MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is currently on sale for only $21.95 and qualifies for FREE shipping with orders of $35 or more. 

The MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale comes to you from MIRA Brands, a leading company when it comes to scales.  They offer not only kitchen scales, but luggage scales and bathroom scales as well.  Connect and converse with MIRA Brands on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube

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