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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - First Blossoms of January - January 22, 2014

While it seems that all of you back East are suffering from another blast of cold and snow, we here in California are getting nothing but sunshine every day.  There are a few high clouds every now and then, but mostly it's all sunshine and warmth.  I even got a sunburn when I was working outside yesterday.

In all actually, I am jealous of you back East with your cold and snow.  I want some, too.  Yet, if we had that now, all the peaches on our early bloomer would die, and that would mean no peach pie come summer.

Here's our early peach tree blooming in January because of all of our unseasonably warm weather, and all the little bees sucking out the nectar.  I tried to capture a hummingbird going after the blossoms, but it didn't like me too close.

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