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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Serene Sunday - Fantaisie Impromptu - February 2, 2014

I have always loved the many flavors of Chopin, but I was never good enough to play his marvelous works.  I would listen to his music for hours when I was a teenager.

Fantaisie Impromptu
The Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Opus posthumous 66, is one of Chopin's most beloved pieces.  It was written in 1834 and dedicated to Julian Fontana.  Fontana published the piece in spite of Chopin's request not to do so.

This piece is played by Arthur Rubenstein

May you all have a very beautiful and peaceful Sunday!

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  1. I had know idea you were so well educated in music. I'm very impressed. Do you play the piano? They way you're talking here it sounds like you do. Thanks for sharing. I'm always catching rainbows in the middle... lol I had know idea. That is too cool I need to broaden my horizons. Have a wonderful day my friend.


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