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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Serene Sunday - Still in a Romantic Mood with the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet - February 23, 2014

With the last Sunday of February, let's keep a little love going with Henry Mancini's Love Them from Romeo and Juliet.  This has always been an inspiring song for me.

Henry Mancini and his Orchestra

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  1. Oh wow, Mancini is fab... thanks for sharing. Great tune to listen to on a bright sunny morning! I'm having a tough day with Linky tools. Who do you use for your linky?

    1. I have been having issues with LINKY Tools since Friday when I try to link. With you having problems it almost makes me feel a little better as I thought it was my old computer's fault.

      I have been using Inlinkz for quite some time now.

  2. SO COOL I am lavernlaru and would love to be friends on pogo ..I have been there since 2003,it helped me thru chemo,mind on games not pain, saw me thru the death of hubby of 20 yrs ,3 weeks before my brother and a month before that ,my mother ,.. I have no figured out who to mourn first so I continue to play games :D My god loving mother did teach me to laugh but taking life soo for granted I learned on my own.. WOW .. it's been a depressing nightmare I would not wish on no one > let me stop as I could use you as a sounding board .Mental healthy is so backed up ,Not sure a counselor wants to hear me either lolol .. I am really glad though cause if you feel something is wrong ,,you are right and should ask for help
    I love your blog and now I know why love mini's too!! :)

  3. ohh thank you for the music soo nice and soothing you would love my pin at sablelulu and I am on facbk msakosky love love your blog


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