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Monday, March 24, 2014

Discover the PURE Difference - PURE Safe-Shell Explorer Glass Drinking Bottle - Review & Giveaway - 4/14 US

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

When on-the-go, I usually grab this big plastic water bottle, fill it with ice and water, and then I am off.  At home, I have glass to drink out of.  Why? I like how glass cups can be cleaner and have no undesirable smell to them.  Yet, what if I might drop my glass, and it breaks?  I will have glass shards everywhere that I will have to pick up, right? Plastic won't break on me if I accidentally drop it while I am out.

Plastic may be generally break-resistant, but I have found that over the years plastic cups can keep an odor to them and can become stained.  Have your kids ever had Kool-Aid?  That can really leave your plastic cups smelling like some sort of super-fruity something for quite a long while.  Then that same stuff with its powerful dyes has also stained those old plastic cups.  With glass, those odors are gone once the glass cup has been cleaned, and there are never any stains with glass, too.

Broken glass stays on the inside protecting us.
Want to take your ice water or other cold drink with you and still drink out of a odor and stain free glass?  Try the PURE Safe-Shell Explorer Glass Bottle.  Why is this glass bottle different from the glass cups you drink from at home or from the glass bottles that have a carbonated drink in them.  The PURE difference is that if these break, they won't leave shards of glass capable of cutting our skin.  Surrounded on the outside by a clear exterior coating, it strengthens the glass on the inside.  It helps to keep it from breaking, and if it does, all of the glass shards are tucked inside and not all over the place.

I really have enjoyed using my PURE Explorer bottle over the last week.  I have been taking it with me when I head out shopping.  I like that my pure well water is in contact with pure odor and stain free glass.  Drinking out of this bottle is pure pleasure.  

With its wide 1.5" mouth, it's so easy to add ice cubes and fruit wedges.  I am a fan of throwing lemon juice and wedges in my water.   Sometimes I will even add a little sugar and make lemonade!  A full 25 oz to keep me hydrated as I do thing around the house, or walk outdoors in the hot desert sun.

I have also been drinking my Super Green drink from this bottle.  It's so much more handier to take it around while I sip.  The curved design of the bottle makes it easy to carry with me.  I guess the only downside to this bottle is that it did not come with a sippy top. 

Since this bottle is glass, it is 100% recyclable!  Did you know that when you recycle glass, 100% of that glass is made into new glass.  Plastic is downcycled.  It can't be made into more plastic cups.  So if i ever do break this, goodness forbid, I know that it will just become new glass for something else.  Remember, if this does break, recycle it, and don't use it again!

PURE Safe-Shell bottles have been touted by the New York Times!  Read the article: More Consumers Choose Reusable Glass Bottles.  It tells all about how PURE was started.  PURE Safe-Shell is distributed by Precidio of Ontario, Canada.

BUY IT - Try the PURE Advantage for yourself and see and taste the Difference! The PURE Explorer Safe-Shell bottle is available directly from PURE.  It is modestly priced at $23.95 plus shipping.  

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With so many thanks to PURE Safe-Shell, one person is going to win the PURE Explorer bottle, the same glass bottle that I reviewed - a $30 Value!

This giveaway will end on April 14, 2014, and is open to US residents only.  By entering the giveaway, you agree to the terms and conditions in the GT Form.

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