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Saturday, March 22, 2014

NCAA March Madness - Catch It All Now with Best Buy - Sponsored

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for free for this post.

The NCAA March Madness is when all the best college basketball teams throughout the country get together and fight it out to see who will be the best.  It is great for state recognition and school pride.  Even the least known team could beat out the big guys.  The winner gets the bragging rights for the year.  It is way better, in my opinion, than the pro-teams.  I find that the college players really play to the best of their abilities - with their hearts really in it to win.  This is a culturally relevant moment that we share each March.

There is nothing like good healthy competition to see who is the best!  We, and all the other fans, want see who is the most exceptional college basketball team this year.  My husband and I love to keep up with the latest.  

While we love to keep connected with friends all across the USA by texting them who our favorites are and have a little friendly competiveness with them, we have found the best way for us to stay connected with the games is though our tablet, which is our Kindle. This way keeps our PC free for those who need it (like our college kids who always need to write something).  We can also take the Kindle with us to watch the games on the go.  It's so nice sipping a latte and watching the latest game at our favorite bistro.  The NCAA March Madness app is free so we march right along with the madness and watch the games all that we can.  

Did you know that Best Buy will help you stay connected with all of the excitement happening this month?  They help by giving you all the latest devices and connectivity to make your March Madness dreams come true.  If you find that one screen is just not enough, Best Buy can help you with Multi-Screen Entertainment.  Bringing to life, all in one place, the brand promise of the latest devices, such as HDTV, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, and services.  That's Best Buy for you!

Even if the fans find that their first team that they were rooting for lost out, they will start picking their favorites again, and once the finals are in, they will get behind their favorite.  My husband's favorite team has so far reached round three.  If they don't make it, we have a second favorite that we will just get behind.  The Madness just keeps going on until the very end, and Best Buy will help you Catch It All!

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