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Monday, March 31, 2014

#ShopletReviews - Pentel EnerGel Pens & Twist Erase Mechanical Pencils

I received the following Pentel products for free from in order to facilitate this review.  No other forms of compensation was received.

Being a homeschool mom (my kids' teacher), pens and pencils are something we need on a daily basis.  A good quality pencil is essential for school work.  Pens, on the other hand, are something we all need in our daily life.  This month, I received some Pentel EnerGel Pens and Pentel Twist Erase Mechanical Pencils to try out from the one stop online place to purchase office supplies -

We have been using mechanical pencils for our school work here for over 20 years, I would say.  While teaches lessons with my kids, I found that we were getting up and down so often to sharpen wood pencils due to either them getting dull or from breakage.  I finally got fed up with all the interruptions, and got mechanical ones.  With all these years of writing with mechanical pencils with the kids, I know what is good, and these Pentel Twist Erase GT Mechanical Pencils pass my muster.

What do I like about the Pentel Twist Erase GT Mechanical Pencil?  This twist erase pencil is wider than an ordinary mechanical pencil with a nice grip.  This latex-free ribbed grip is designed to keep the fatigue of writing to a minimum.  The eraser twist up, is over an inch long, thus giving someone much more eraser for their money.  It quickly erases all markings cleanly and completely with no smudges, paper tears, or ghosts.  It comes preloaded with three pieces of super hi-polymer HB lead.  You have your choice of either 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead.  The tip of this pencil is very unique -- it is retractable! This retractable sleeve prolongs write-out, reduce lead breakage and protect your purse or your pocket.  Stock up on these and get them for only $1.11 each.

Shoplet also sent on six Pentel EnerGel Pearl Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pens.  These are just fantastic!  I never really knew about the benefits of gel pens before.  Did you know that I am left-handed when I write?  That when I write out letters, Christmas or birthday cards with pens, that I end up smearing that ink, getting little ghost writing in weird places, and then the left side of my left hand just gets all inked up.  Maddening!  But with these Pentel EnerGel pens, that has disappeared.  The gel ink in the pens dries so much more quicker than regular ink.

These are really popular in my house.  Everyone has grabbed one for themselves to either tuck away in their purses or put in their book bags for college.  The Pentel EnerGel Pearl Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pens are delightful to write with.  This retractable office pen offers great comfort when writing with its latex free grip.  It's beautiful pearly look is so appealing, so pretty.  The grip is very comfortable, and I like that it is a wider pen that does fit well and doesn't slip in my hand.

This pen uses a nice vibrant acid free ink that quickly dries.  It comes in a variety of colors, blue, black, purple, and pink, as well as medium (0.7mm) and fine needle (0.5mm) tips.  I prefer a fine tip, so those are neatly guarded in my purse.  It's a roller ball tip, too, so the ink just glides smoothly on your paper.  For only $2.76 each, they are perfect to take with you anywhere.

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