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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - Desert Rainbow - March 5, 2014

California had a good soaker of a storm last week.  Here in our desert we were lucky to get around an inch of rain.  That's quite a lot for us with only a few days of rain.  It was really nice. What was really spectacular was all the rainbows!  Here's just one of the five or six we had last Friday.

Sorry for the spots, but the camera lens got a little wet.

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  1. Beautiful! Did you look for the pot of gold?

    1. We had one close enough, but nobody wanted to go out in the rain to look.

  2. Wow! brilliant capture :-)

    Have a rainbowtastic week

  3. I love rainbow pictures. This one looks magical. I can picture a treasure chest at the end,

  4. That was is some really dark colors. Usually they're so pale and you can barely see them. Nice pic there girlfriend! Thanks for sharing.

  5. That's not something you see everyday. So pretty!

  6. Lovely! What a lot of rainbows to get in one week!

  7. Desert rainbow? Sounds crazy but, then again, this has been one heck of a winter.

  8. Such a beautiful rainbow!! Thanks for adding my banner to your post, I appreciate it!!
    Have a great week!


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